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September 3, 2018

Justin Rose

Boston, Massachusetts

Q. Really strong finish, you are inside the top five. What a nice round of golf today, as it turns out looking like you're going to be second. But it is going to move you up to third in FedExCup rankings. Talk about how if feels and your emotion heading into the BMW?
JUSTIN ROSE: Obviously, you're trying to win these amazing golf tournaments, but in the back of your mind you're trying to secure yourself into a great position going into the final one at East Lake and Atlanta. And so far job done. Even if I slip maybe next week a couple I've cemented myself in the top five. I feel like it's important to have one good week in the FedExCup series up to Atlanta. I'll be going to East Lake next week, a course I've won at, obviously have confidence, and see if I can get it going in the FedExCup. This result gives me a realistic chance coming into East Lake, no matter what.

Q. With missing the cut last week and that almost mini week off, it's got to have benefited you, I believe?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, definitely. This was an interesting week for me. It was nice to kind of sign off here in Boston. It's a tournament that we are going to miss a little bit. It was kind of where my PGA Tour career started here, and it was nice to finish with a strong showing.

It was an up and down round today. Started bogey, bogey, I turned in over par. When I looked at the leaderboard I was one outside the top-10. To shoot 4-under my last six holes really made huge inroads, and earned me some valuable points.

Q. What does it say about yourself that you were able to finish strongly after getting off to a tough start?
JUSTIN ROSE: I don't know, obviously I wouldn't say I stayed ice cool. I was frustrated, with the best of them. Put one foot in font of another one, keep playing, keep going.

I've enjoyed this golf course this week. I felt like I was going to make putts. I didn't actually make a ton of putts today but I felt like I was going to make putts. And it was a good challenge.

Playing in the afternoon the last two days, the course has played really tricky. The back nine today obviously a few of the guys didn't do much. The leaders didn't do much on the back nine, so those four birdies proved very valuable coming in.

Q. It looks like Bryson is going to win. The fact that he's won the first two legs, what does that say about him?
JUSTIN ROSE: It's huge, obviously. Great, phenomenal golf, a lot of World Ranking points in these tournaments. He's going to fly up in the World Rankings. He's proven to he's facing the biggest and best fields in the game. There's a lot of conjecture about how he goes about it, but when he delivers as he is now, it just proves it.

Q. How did you feel today?
JUSTIN ROSE: I felt very similar to yesterday. It felt like the scores were low in the morning. Obviously when you're playing in the afternoon you feel like you get lapped. When you looked at the scoreboard after two days, there's a bunch of guys maybe get to 11, but it dropped to 8 and 7. A bit of separation after the first two days, but I felt like all that separation happened early on Saturday. The guys who teed off early came through strong. It made a jostle on the last two days and you had to keep going and playing hard from the front.

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