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September 2, 2018

Georgia Hall

Portland, Oregon

Q. Probably not the final round you were looking for, but still, what are your thoughts coming off the course?
GEORGIA HALL: The pin positions were really, really tough. The front nine was unbelievable. I couldn't even get to hardly any of them. I was just trying to like stay patient and do what I could to kind of stay in it. I mean, she shot, what, 7-under? That's incredible. Like 10-under, 7-under for two rounds. My hats off to her. She played amazing, and she deserves to win. But I came second, and it was a great tournament for me still, and I'm really pleased.

Q. Did you know where things were? Were you watching the scoreboards?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah. I mean, to see what she done was incredible. I knew that I was quite far ahead for myself in second place, so that made me a bit more relaxed, as well, because I'm always trying to get the highest I can. To come second is still really good.

Q. Between the two of you in the group, just kind of nothing --
GEORGIA HALL: Nothing happened at all, no. I got one birdie, which is horrendous, and I still holed a 30-footer for that. That said, it's really hard to get to the pins anyway, and I think even level par around here would have been a good score, so I wasn't too far away from that.

Q. Was there a point where you thought --
GEORGIA HALL: I've lost this? Yeah, coming down 15, I think, she was 20 -- like 16. Going down 16, she was 20 and I had three holes left, and I thought, unless she messes up, then I haven't really got a chance. But I still kept going.

Q. 16 was your dramatic --
GEORGIA HALL: Par. Yeah, chip-in for par. My tempo wasn't quite there today, and I hit some good putts but didn't quite go in, but that's golf. That's the way golf is.

Q. Would you like to come back here and give it another shot?
GEORGIA HALL: Oh, definitely, 100 percent.

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