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September 2, 2018

Cameron Smith

Boston, Massachusetts

Q. 4-under par today, 11-under par.
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, a little bit of a frustrating day. Hit a little bit of lips with the putts. Could have been really anything today. But I'll take the positives out of it. Struck it really well. And looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. Are you still shaking a little bit on 18? That was a beautiful shot in there, though.
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, that was a bit of a shame. But like I said, hopefully another day tomorrow.

Q. What's it been here the last two weeks for you, you're playing great golf. And you're right there again this week.
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, just a few things. I had my coach come in last week, we worked on a few things. Really got back to my roots and what I do best. Spent a lot of time around the chipping green and putting green last week. Everything is looking in shape.

Q. There's a new star, it's your dog.
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, everyone loves my dog. It's a bit annoying to me.

Q. Obviously you put yourself in contention the second week in a row. What can you learn from last week's effort that will put you in good stead for tomorrow?
CAMERON SMITH: I think just kind of go out there tomorrow, stay aggressive. I'm in a good spot. I struck it really good today, just need the putts to go in tomorrow.

Q. Clearly you're in good form. You must feel really comfortable out there?
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, absolutely. My game feels really good. Like I said yesterday, coach came in last week and tweaked a few things. And everything has fallen into shape.

Q. You mentioned the putter a few moments ago, was it something you were feeling wasn't spot on, something that needed working or just one of those days?
CAMERON SMITH: Just one of those days. The pace was really good all day with the putter. My stroke was really good. I was hitting good putts, they just weren't going in. So I will do a little bit of work on it right now and hopefully they'll be dropping tomorrow. Just go out there tomorrow and nothing really changes for me. Just go out tomorrow and try to win a golf tournament.

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