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September 2, 2018

Justin Rose

Boston, Massachusetts

Q. Obviously a disappointment today when you came off the golf course, but you're still within a shout. Your thoughts on today's round?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, absolutely, I think -- I felt good out there for the most part. I felt like I was in a nice position all day. Then we kind of got a little bit behind timewise, and I felt like I was struggling really around the turn. And I don't know if I was rushing little bit. But 11 and 12 I played poorly. From that moment I played really well. Had some chances coming in.

Just a bit disappointed to not birdie 17 or 18. I had two good looks at it there. Two best swings of the day into 18. It's that kind of a green. Just trickled over the back. It's so severe mounding back there, that they haven't gotten the mowers on there, they left it a little longer, the mower cut was longer on the slope than it was just behind me. So I was kind of second-guessing myself a little bit in terms of how I could putt through that. Just a little disappointment in the last hole.

But if I look at the big picture, obviously I can see that Abraham is doing great. 13 under. Bryson had a great day today. There will be a lot of pressure on those guys. It's hard to follow up a really low round with another one. I like being around the top-10. And I feel like the frustration that I feel for this round is going to lead to some motivation to tomorrow.

Q. Interesting how you mentioned you got into a little bit of trouble, was it the slowness, or is it difficult going from playing threesomes to twosomes? You do it all the time. But it's adjustment?
JUSTIN ROSE: The round goes quicker, for sure, if you get caught grinding, and me and Tommy had a lot of holes where we had four, five, six foot par putts. When you're just hitting good putts and walking out there and tapping them in you move a lot faster. Every time you have a three or four footer it adds a minute on to your time. I felt like that happened to me and Tommy today. Then he hit in the hazard on No. 10 and got a ruling. It was one of those days, the group behind waited on us, but we were half a hole back around the turn.

Q. You mentioned just being a couple of shots back, and maybe Abraham not having as much experience there. How will you attack tomorrow? Will you attack? Will you just slide in there? What's your plan for tomorrow?
JUSTIN ROSE: I think this is an interesting golf course, if you get too aggressive here it can bite you for sure. So just get my looks. I think you've got to rely on the putter, you've got to have a good putting day, that's how you're going to score low around here. Depending on where they're going to put the pins you just pick your times to be aggressive. But it's going to take something in the mid-60s, obviously that's what you hope for. Anytime you can put yourself in the chance to having a great Sunday, giving yourself a chance to win, that's what you want.

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