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September 1, 2018

Georgia Hall

Portland, Oregon

Q. Georgia, you had birdies on 16 and 17; that's got to be a good way to finish your round.
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, you know, 16 and 17 are tough holes, especially with both pin positions, so I was very happy to hole some putts that I didn't really hole much today.

Q. You started off with the bogeys, started off slow, but otherwise came back with a pretty clean round. How are you feeling walking off the golf course?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I didn't start amazing, but the pin positions were probably the toughest the week so far, so 3-under today, and it got up a bit, the wind got up a bit, so yeah, I'm happy with that, and like you said, I've got a two-shot lead. Still a lot of golf to play, but looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. Just a few weeks ago your big win back home in England. Any thoughts back to the memories from that maybe to push you into tomorrow?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, well, I definitely putted yesterday like I did at the British. Hopefully I'll putt like that tomorrow, as well. But I still kind of feel the same, and I'm just looking forward to playing another round of 18 holes.

Q. Any strategy heading into tomorrow or just go out there and play golf?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, go out there, play golf, enjoy it, and try and make some putts.

Q. Speed of the greens today, how were they?
GEORGIA HALL: Slightly faster I would say. But I think the pin positions were quite tough, as well, so you couldn't really get to many flags.

Q. It got a little firmer out there?
GEORGIA HALL: Oh, yeah, the last six holes, yeah. You had to kind of think a bit extra on your approach shots because the greens were actually quite firm, which made it a bit tougher.

Q. Did you feel like even though it's like moving day, you had to be kind of patient, and they just came for you there at 16 and 17 --
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I definitely became patient. I had to really. I had so many pars in a row. Like I said, 16 and 17 are very tough holes, so the last four holes I putted really well, and I'm happy with 3-under.

Q. Have you played with her much before?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, we played a few times. Yeah, she's a lovely girl and a really good player, so I look forward to playing with her again tomorrow.

Q. What do you think going head-to-head again --
GEORGIA HALL: It's fun. I treat it a bit like match play, which I love, and I had that similar at the British. But I just think it's a lot more exciting, and I'm really excited for me, as well, so I look forward to it. I'm sure Minjee is looking forward to it, as well.

Q. Having a two-stroke lead, what does that do overnight for you?
GEORGIA HALL: Not a lot really. Two shots can be made up in one hole. It's not massive, but it's a lead, at the end of the day, and I look forward to it.

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