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September 1, 2018

Louis Oosthuizen

Boston, Massachusetts

LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: I know I need just a solid week to get through, but obviously I want to still see if I can get up the FedEx. And I know if I have a really good week I am right up there.

The game is there, I just need to make a few more putts. Yeah, I feel good right now.

Q. You've had some success on this course, I think it's three top 12's here including a runner-up.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: I felt the greens was a little inconsistent this morning. But it's running pure. It's great to putt on, and I just need to get the right lines.

Q. The TOUR Championship, last year you were 31st in the standings, a bit of payback maybe, hopefully you can get there this year?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Yeah, last year the worst was sitting watching it. Everyone that needed not to do good did good on the last. I remember Sergio's got in the hazard. And Patrick Cantlay made like a 15-footer. And Xander had a great finish. I was like, oh, man, looks like I'm going to be No. 31. And, yeah, hopefully not this year will it be the case. Hopefully I can well into the top-30's.

Q. We talked about earlier in the week how you have to balance that conservatism with aggression. Will you get a little bit aggressive on the weekend if it sets up that way?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: No, I think the way I'm playing the golf course is fine. Today I could easily have gone 6, 7-under. So I think just do the same things. I'm hitting it well. I'm hitting it well enough to take on a few pins. I just have to try not to make that odd bogey. And I need to make a few more putts.

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