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September 1, 2018

Cameron Smith

Boston, Massachusetts

CAMERON SMITH: The back nine was playing a little bit tougher, I think. Early in the morning, as well. Probably missed a few putts that I should have made on that front nine, but made it up on the back there.

Q. You and Aaron Wise are two of the younger players on Tour, how was it playing with him?
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, it was good fun. Obviously we've got a lot to talk about. We have a lot in common. So, yeah, it was just nice being out there with someone that you can relate to.

Q. Cameron, how much did the golf course change from yesterday?
CAMERON SMITH: The golf course, itself, probably didn't change a whole lot, just the wind was down today. It was getting pretty tricky there yesterday afternoon, the wind swirling around. And it kind of did the same thing today but obviously not as breezy.

Q. You're building in some form. You must be pretty pumped?
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, that's all you can really hope for is playing good golf and getting yourself up there with a chance on the weekend. Really looking forward to it.

Q. What was the key today?
CAMERON SMITH: Like I said, it's just a little bit scrappy on that front nine for myself. And just really stuck to it, just trusted my swing and trusted where the wind was coming from on the front nine and the putts that were going in, as well.

Q. How do you feel about your energy and how important --
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, it's good fun, yeah. We've been giving each other a bit of ego lately. He's just a good guy.

Q. Does this change anything knowing where you are in the standings, with the rest of the playoffs coming up?
CAMERON SMITH: No, not really, I generally play a bit of probably a bit more aggressive than I'd like, but now that I'm up there with a chance I'm just going to keep hitting drives where I can and sticking it at pins.

Q. (No microphone.)
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, that's kind of the goal to be playing late on the weekend. And we'll see what happens.

Q. After last week, how much confidence does that give you?
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, it was a good week last week, obviously. I had my coach in for a few days last week and we just worked on a few things and everything just kind of fell into place. Confidence is back up and the putts are dropping, as well.

Q. What was he working on with you, specifically?
CAMERON SMITH: I tend to get a little bit outside and a little bit short on my backswing, that's kind of what I fall into. So we just did I couple of things last week with the swing. And then really stuck to the short game stuff.

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