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September 1, 2018

Justin Rose

Boston, Massachusetts

Q. Yesterday you played pretty solidly, and after being such a consistent and successful season, had the lowest opening round. It was kind of positioning you to keep you going today?
JUSTIN ROSE: No, I was happy to keep it going. Obviously I felt like there were nice conditions today, there were fresh greens. I noticed some other guys were having some success out there. Guys were getting to 8-under par through the front nine, so I knew the field was having a bit of an easier time today than yesterday. I was aware that I wanted to keep moving forward. I'll take 4-under, I think it was a good build on yesterday.

Q. Talk to us about your health, and you elected to take a few extra days off before coming up here. You obviously know the golf course?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I really enjoyed at the PGA there, I didn't play practice rounds there, I just walked the golf course. I really enjoyed that way of preparing. In some ways it made me focus more on the visualization, preparing mentally the night before for the round the next day. Sometimes when you play a practice round sometimes you get a bit lazy. I just felt I was a bit more keen, a bit more interested and a bit more switched on. So far so good.

Obviously I missed the cut last week, and obviously this tournament starting on Friday, I thought it was a good opportunity to get home and try to put some short game work in, but obviously get some rest, as well. The next few weeks are going to be pretty intense.

Q. Talk about the golf course, because you've had soft golf courses the last few weeks. This looks like it's starting to get crispy out there?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yesterday afternoon it firmed up for sure. And I think they'll have to put some type of water on it overnight, especially the greens.

But this afternoon it should get pretty fiery out there. The greens are rolling really quick, I've got to say, if you're on the wrong side of certain slopes. The greens are rolling 13. They're pretty quick, I've got to say. A lot of strategy of where you can miss. But they're rolling pure, too. I've read the greens much better this week than last week, so I guess that's reflecting in scoring.

Q. What a solid day, really. Five birdies, one bogey to follow up that 6-under. You've got to be pretty pleased heading into Sunday and Monday?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, for sure. I think it's exactly what I needed after last week. It's obviously nice to get back on the leaderboard after a few days at home. And, yeah, sort of been a smooth couple of days really.

I think today, like you said to me yesterday, I had a lot of easy birdies yesterday. Today I made a few lengthy putts. So it was a nice contrast to yesterday in how I got the job done. I felt comfortable on the golf course again.

Q. Talk about missing the cut last week at the Northern Trust. It was almost like having a mini week off kind of to reset. Talk about how much fresher you feel coming into this week?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I felt quite fresh recently. I've probably had more times off than most guys during this run of golf. After The Open Championship I didn't play much, I only played the U.S. PGA. Hopefully that freshness can start to pay off for me this weekend going through to Atlanta and the Ryder Cup. It's up to me to play good golf with mental freshness.

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