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September 1, 2018

Webb Simpson

Boston, Massachusetts

WEBB SIMPSON: I was excited and you just kind of laugh at those, because you're not trying to make them, you're just trying to get them close. Those moments are always fun on the last hole. Honestly, it brings back the 2011, making a couple of putts when I won. Just a great atmosphere out there.

Q. You made a birdie putt in regulation in 2011 to force the playoff, is that right?
WEBB SIMPSON: That's right. And then I had to make kind of the same putt to continue the playoff.

Q. And then did you win the playoff?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, on 17.

Q. And just what was your strategy putting the ball from that far away?
WEBB SIMPSON: Well, the grass around the greens is firm enough to where the ball runs pretty smoothly. You've just got to hit it a little harder than you would on the greens. I didn't like my lie to chip it. I decided to putt it, and it came off really nice, just how I wanted it.

Q. How often do you practice that?
WEBB SIMPSON: Not enough. Honestly, a lot of times it's hard because us don't have room to do it around the putting green. Around the putting green most weeks is rough. You need to get your work in in the Pro Am. This morning there's a whole room on the putting green by the range so I hit a couple. I knew the greens are firm, the balls are going to run off, probably going to run off. So I probably had a few more and decided to hit a couple.

Q. How do you know how hard to hit it?
WEBB SIMPSON: Lately that's been a weakness for us, putting off the green. Our speed has been poorly. A couple of weeks ago at Greensboro, it's real grainy Bermuda, we putted a few. Instead of thinking I've got to hit it harder, I think more instinctively and a just adjust. And Wyndham was the first week I've had in a long time where I actually hit good putts from off the green.

Q. How do you compare the state of your game or how you feel about it versus 2011, not just this week, but the last six or eight weeks?
WEBB SIMPSON: That was my best year to date on Tour for sure. But very similar in terms of consistency, made cuts and having chances to win, so very similar.

Q. What do you attribute to getting back to that, anything specific?
WEBB SIMPSON: We're thinking a lot better this year than we have. And I'm putting better. I think those two things. You look at my stats historically the ball-striking has been pretty solid. But when I think well and I putt well is when I tend to play well.

Q. When is the last time you made a putt of 71 feet?
WEBB SIMPSON: It's been a while. I can't remember.

Q. This year?
WEBB SIMPSON: I don't know.

Q. What do you mean thinking well?
WEBB SIMPSON: Just learning from mistakes. After a golf tournament sitting down and writing down how many mental errors I made and why and where. Just really paying attention because we're going to make physical mistakes every day. And I can play rounds now where I don't make any mental mistakes. It's still hard. A great tournament for me is two to four mental mistakes for a tournament. I didn't think I was doing enough homework on learning from my mistakes.

Q. Is it an awareness within yourself and your surroundings?
WEBB SIMPSON: I think so. I hired a sports psych two years ago, and he's been tremendous in so many areas, but that area, specifically, just learning from each tournament. There's always something to learn. There's always room to get better.

Q. What was your take away from THE PLAYERS and the way you won?
WEBB SIMPSON: My take away was I think Sunday was the hardest and longest round I've ever had.

Q. Because all you could do was fail?
WEBB SIMPSON: Pretty much, yeah, with a 7 shot lead. I learned a lot that round. I bogeyed 8, parred 9 and bogeyed 10. And that walk back to 11 was kind of where I felt like that kind of moment where I could stay mentally sharp, where I could start giving into Tiger is making all these birdies, this and that. I think what I learned more than anything that even when I'm playing poorly or struggling a little bit in that position, I can still hold it together and get the job done.

Q. What was the most beneficial win you've ever had?

Q. More than the Olympic thing?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah. The U.S. Open was just a shock more than anything, honestly. Paul asked me starting that week, would I take second and not play. And I said, of course. I've never contended in a major, why would I? I'm not going to lie and say, no, I'm here to win. I would have taken second.

THE PLAYERS was, as you know, four years of no wins and going through the lows of being a professional golfer that you wonder can I win again. So it was more rewarding in every way.

Q. Where are you now?
WEBB SIMPSON: I think this year I've got back in the top-20 in the world. And --

Q. Ryder Cup?
WEBB SIMPSON: Ryder Cup. I want to stay here. I don't want to just have a couple of good years and have it go away for two years. There are a few guys that are always top-10 in the world. I want to do that. I want to stay consistently good as a golfer.

Q. Was Sawgrass the week you kind of figured it out?
WEBB SIMPSON: Sawgrass that second round is kind of what separated it, shooting 9-under. And I realized, okay, I've got a five shot lead. But I'd been playing well up to that point. I finished 5th the week before at Hilton Head or a few weeks before. So my game was going the right direction going to THE PLAYERS.

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