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June 23, 2005

Ryan Moore


Q. Tell me about that first hole, birdied that.

RYAN MOORE: That was a nice way to start. I hit a pretty solid drive, pretty good putt shot. Good putt. Actually was a quick little putt there. I felt good to start off with a birdie, definitely.

Q. Any different today?

RYAN MOORE: No. Actually, I felt great out there today. I didn't feel any different. I made a few poor swings, but I felt like I was really close all day long, on the verge of playing some really good golf. So, looking forward to the next few days.

Q. How much did you talk with those other guys out there?

RYAN MOORE: We talked a bit. Not all the time; but some friendly conversation here and there. They're both really nice guys. I enjoyed playing with the both of them. It will be fun out there tomorrow too.

Q. Did you drive on a divot on 18?

RYAN MOORE: I did go in a divot. It happens. Nothing you can do about it. It all evens out in the end, I figure. I just felt pretty good to go out and make a birdie out of it.

Q. Overall course conditions, playing pretty hard?

RYAN MOORE: I mean the pins were tough today. If you play to the right side of the hole a few times, you paid the price. I was pretty happy with where I put it most of the day. I made a couple of poor swings with some wedges there, cost me a couple of shots. I was out there trying to shoot a solid round my first day. It was a little more up-and-down than I like it, but still a solid round today. I start with that, keep moving forward.

Q. And 7?

RYAN MOORE: 7, yeah, that was very bad shots.

Q. What happened there, you hit a good drive?

RYAN MOORE: Decent drive. I just passed the corner. I had a good angle at it, On a good steep upslope there. Doesn't happen very often. Made a bad swing there. Tough one, bunker shot, no room. Just missed it there.

Actually made a great eight-footer for my double. I was pretty happy about that. That wasn't an easy putt, back slider up the hill. Keep moving.

Q. Is it important to birdie that last hole?

RYAN MOORE: Yeah, I wanted it really bad. I felt like I was playing better than 1 over for the day. Made that one mistake there that cost me a couple. I really felt like a birdie to close out the round would be great. Bookend birdies; one at the beginning, one at the end. It works. Yeah, even par sounds a lot better to me than 1 over. In my mind it feels a lot better.

Q. How about your save on the first par 3 and what were some of the options?

RYAN MOORE: The save on that par 3 was -- I would never want that over again, let's just say that. That shot was just -- I really -- I didn't think it was that bad of a shot. My shot into the green, I couldn't believe it got to where I got to. Then when I was there, I was like, "Oh, my gosh." Didn't have a practice time to walk around the greens, couple of Pro Ams, you don't get to do much of that. I got there. It was straight 20 feet down. I mean, I couldn't put it in a worse spot. Just to get that within 20 feet, I was pretty happy with. Later on I think I got two and a half, three feet. Then the chip in was nice to hit that and --

Q. Open up sandwedge on the one you got to two feet?

RYAN MOORE: That was a lob wedge, on both of them. Laid it wide open, pretty thick stuff. Was enough grass underneath it I could pop the ball up in the air, not too bad. Just came down, came out perfect. Probably wouldn't want it over. I'm happy that I made it up and down.

Q. What club did you use on the first hole?

RYAN MOORE: A driver, lob wedge from about 30 yards. Made about a six-footer.

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