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August 31, 2018

Webb Simpson

Boston, Massachusetts

WEBB SIMPSON: I had two shots, I misjudged the speed of my first shots. Definitely tricky golf course today. The scores aren't that good. It blew harder than what I planned for. And compared to yesterday, it's more like the Pro Am, the greens got more firm. So, yeah, we just adjusted as we went along.

Q. Were the winds unpredictability, too?
WEBB SIMPSON: No, they were pretty consistent. They started northeast and finished east, northeast. But, yeah, these trees, having no houses out here, being in the woods, the tree hide a lot of the winds. 16 today the flag was limp but we knew it was blowing pretty hard left-to-right. That's hard just trusting that the wind is up there.

Q. You played a lot of golf here, at the end of the stretch, here, a lot to come, BMW, Tour Championship, Ryder Cup, how do you keep yourself relaxed on the off times?
WEBB SIMPSON: It's hard. But that's the key word, the off time. I've got to take care of myself when I'm away from the course, not think about my golf swing or putting stroke, just be a way from the course. A normal tournament I might go practice a little bit, just do like a 45-minute practice. But now we're in the playoffs I won't do anything. I'm trying to save time as much as I can.

Q. Do you remember when you've been this consistent, when your game was this good?
WEBB SIMPSON: 2011 was my best year. I think where I've grown this year being able to play a lot better in the majors. It's similar to that year in the sense that I've had multiple chances to win. And this is a hard sport to win in, so you've got to give yourself chances, you're not going to win every time. I've done that this year, that's why I was able to win in May.

Q. What gives you an edge this week compared with all the rest of the players to surpass them?
WEBB SIMPSON: I won here in 2011. And I've had some good rounds on this course. I feel comfortable here. And I'm sure everybody is doing their best to rest, but I know I'm taking care of that. And I think I'm not going to be out here tired. It's a long stretch. This is my fifth of six in a row. So I've got to take care of myself.

Q. And how do you keep your energy?
WEBB SIMPSON: Eat a lot, drink a lot. When I play with Bubba out there, we have a bunch of laughs, you have to relax between shots.

Q. (No microphone.)
WEBB SIMPSON: I think the only thing that changes is just respecting it a little bit more, knowing that the guys aren't taking it super deep. So middle of the green is more like a middle championship feel than normal TPC Boston. So we'll see. I think the winds today might be higher than any other day. It's going to get warmer. The golf course might go back to playing a little bit more like we're used to. But, yeah, it's nice to shoot a 3-under and be right there.

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