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August 31, 2018

Keegan Bradley

Boston, Massachusetts

Q. You're in good shape.
KEEGAN BRADLEY: My game is in good shape. I just need to keep doing what I'm doing out there. Sunday last week was unfortunate, but I'm probably -- I kind of came back pretty quickly and I'm right back up there again.

Q. What was it like shooting that round and then spending a few days coming back home, what was that like?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: To be honest, I was really bummed out, and then just a couple of days went by and I didn't care anymore. It's hard to -- it was tough, because I felt like that was my day to kind of tell everybody that maybe I was back here and I was here to stay. And I may have put too much pressure on myself. But it's nice to come right back out and play quickly. So I didn't have to wait a week or two weeks. And that was great.

Q. It's not everywhere you go that people are yelling at you from the galleries.
KEEGAN BRADLEY: It's fun. I know coming in that I'm going to have that this week and I'm going to have a lot of support. And that comes with some extra pressure, as well. But I've learned to love coming here. It used to be a very tough week to me. I put so much pressure on myself. But I've learned to go with it. But being out here with all the fans, it's awesome.

Q. Anything specific you took from last week from the final round?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Not really from the final round, but from the previous rounds I took away that I was in the final group with the best players in the world. That was a big step for me on Sunday to get there. And I hope that I can take more away from that than what I did on Sunday.

Q. Why did you feel like you needed to prove anything to anybody?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: That's a good question, that could be part of the tough round on Sunday. But I feel like I'm ready to play again at a level that I was at or hopefully better. But it's just -- it's a pride thing, it was fun to be in that heat again. And you're right, I probably don't need to prove anything or no one really cares, anyway, except me.

Q. You're a past champion and you always will be.
KEEGAN BRADLEY: That's true. Just from my own personal -- it's been a long road back to where I am right now, a lot harder and more work that I had to do. But it's always exciting.

Q. Is part of it that you want to prove that you are that player without the anchoring?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Absolutely. I think part of it is to prove that to come back from that. It was a tougher transition than I thought. But I believe that I made pretty substantial improvements over the last four or five months.

Q. When you first started coming here, did you feel the pressure of having to perform in front of your fans or was there a lot of people just asking you for things and how did you make that adjustment?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: A little bit of both. It's not really -- I don't feel it much anymore. But I would love to give the fans and my family who don't get to come to a lot of tournaments see me compete and do well, maybe win. That would be incredible. So always in the back of my mind I think how amazing that would be. How cool that would be. And that's something that I'll have to be aware of this week.

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