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August 26, 2018

Andrew Putnam

Paramus, New Jersey

*Wins $750,000 for a charity of his choice. Winner was decided in online fan vote from Aug. 5-15.

Q. Just talk about what it means to win this competition. You were up against some pretty incredible competition with beating Phil, Tiger, Bubba?
ANDREW PUTNAM: It's kind of like a David and Goliath-type story. It's pretty cool, the first week, to beat Dustin, if that's who I was going up against the first time. Yeah, it's just a really cool -- really cool thing that met life does. It's one of the highlights of my year.

Q. Voting started, the official voting process for the season, started on the day you won Barracuda. Talk about that timing and what that meant to you?
ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, that was like the perfect storm. Obviously getting a little more exposure because of the win, and having that come up. The people with College Golf Fellowship were sure happy to see how that all worked out. They did a great job getting the word out, rallying all the troops.

Yeah, they got so many people to vote, it's pretty cool.

Q. What does that fan support mean, that so many people rallied around you, especially with such a tough competition?
ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, it's neat. I don't know if they released the official numbers, but I heard that we had thousands and thousands of votes. So I think it's more of a testament to College Golf Fellowship and the network of people that they have, the golf fans. They have so many golf fans it's incredible. I'm just really happy for them.

Q. What has College Golf Fellowship done for you and why did you decide to pick that for your charity?
ANDREW PUTNAM: You know, when I went to college, I feel like there's that gap where you're away from home, kind of searching for, you know, searching for an organization or people who can kind of people center you and give you good values, and keep you on the straight and narrow, and College Golf Fellowship, they have staff members all over the country who come in and help support college golf, college coaches.

They are a Christian organization. So I just felt like they helped me a lot in my faith. I've been involved since I've been a pro, too, being able to host retreats and have a lot of kids camps and college players come and be able to ask questions and be a good influence on them.

Q. What does it mean to give back to an organization that's given you so much?
ANDREW PUTNAM: It's really cool. I'm really good friends with a lot of the people who help run it, and actually, they teach a Bible study out here on the PGA TOUR. So they are still involved with the TOUR players. There's probably 50 to 70 TOUR players that go.

It's a lot bigger than people know, and yeah, it's one of the main charities I'm involved with off the course. I feel like it's my job to give back to college kids, and you know, teach them what I've learned. Yeah, I'm really happy for College Golf Fellowship.

Q. Was there any friendly banter between TOUR players with this competition? I know there was social support some players have gotten. Did you have any interesting conversations with players, joking around about who is going to win?
ANDREW PUTNAM: Not really. I guess I'm not great friends with some of the other guys that are in the competition. It's only my second year out here, so I haven't played with them too much.

What was really cool was to see the support I got from the other pros for me. I had Zach Johnson and lane Barber, Ben Martin, maybe a few others, get on and do a couple videos. I thought it was cool to see that.

Q. And what does it mean to now be a PGA TOUR winner and to get that victory? I remember seeing the celebration video, seeing how excited you and your wife were. What does that mean?
ANDREW PUTNAM: It means everything. It's something I've dreamed about as a kid, and to be able to say that you're a PGA TOUR winner shows that you have the game to compete out here, and that's kind of what I've been working for my whole life. So that just gives you validation to know you're doing the right things and you're on the right track.

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