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August 26, 2018

Aaron Wise

Paramus, New Jersey

Q. Overall, very positive week for you. What's your biggest takeaway from this week?
AARON WISE: You know, just happy to get back into contention. Get some of those juices flowing. Bryson had a big lead and I didn't think anybody was going to get too close to him because he was playing so great.

It was fun to get it rolling there in the middle part of that round and have a chance. You know, it didn't work out the way I planned, but going to learn from it. Great to get that experience again.

It's been a bad little stretch for me and I know my game is on the up, and to get some experience like that is great.

Q. Not the finish you wanted the last three holes, but do you feel like the pressure was getting to you at all?
AARON WISE: No, just hit some bad shots. My iron game was kind of weak all week, and you know, I grinded on it after every round, tried to work on it. You know, you just saw that under pressure, I hit a bad 8-iron into 16 and a bad wedge into 17, two bogeys.

Overall, it's a great week. I'm going to learn from it and I've got, you know, a little longer week next week to prepare. Hopefully get irons a little sharper.

Q. Moving on to next week, this must be great momentum into next week. What's your mentality like going into next week?
AARON WISE: Yeah, I was in great position with the FedExCup, and just trying to get to THE TOUR Championship. In order to do that, I'm going to have to play well and I did that this week. So it's trying to do that the next two, and enjoying THE TOUR Championship, and maybe giving it all a run.

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