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August 25, 2018

Cameron Smith

Paramus, New Jersey

Q. Pretty happy with that?
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah it was a pretty good day out there for myself. Kind of the day I've been waiting for. I've been hitting it good all week and just the putts dropped today.

Q. What's inspiring you to turn it around?
CAMERON SMITH: Grant and I talked a little bit this week and over the last few weeks about where my focus has been. We think my focus has been a little bit too much on the long game and not so much on the short game. Obviously the short game has always been my strength.

So just put the emphasis back in the short game this week and did a lot of chipping and putting. You know, it's just working out.

Q. You've got this tournament inside that FedExCup race you're obviously trying to make a run at, and potential World Cup. How excited are you to make a run?
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, the goal is to get to Atlanta. Has been all year. That won't change. Scotty kind of revved me up the other day saying, I'd better play well if I want to get on that team.

It would be nice, but at the end of the day, I think it's going to be someone else's decision. We'll wait and see what happens.

Q. Is it a nice distraction, the World Cup, at the moment? Does it take your mind off the Playoffs?
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, I don't think -- I really don't think about that stuff. I just want to go out there and just shoot the lowest score I can. The driver's been really good this week and then the putting, as well.

Q. What's it going to take tomorrow? What did you learn from Riviera when you had a really great chance of winning and you just didn't get there in the end.
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, Riviera, I mean, just nothing was clicking on that last day. Actually was pretty fortunate to shoot 1- or 2-under in the last round.

Yeah, just got to go out there tomorrow and trust what I know and just try and hit the fairways. That's been the key all week around here, and if I can get it in the fairways and stay aggressive into the greens, I think I'll put up a good fight.

Q. I know you won in Australia, but are you getting the hunger back to win?
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, absolutely. It's been a while now. I've been trying but nothing's really been coming up. It's been a tough last couple few months. Be nice to tick one off.

Q. Your Mum and sister have surprised you coming over?
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, my Muhammad Ali and my sister Mel came over and surprised me for my birthday last week. It's been nice relaxing and not doing much at all. I mean, I've always played well in Australia, and it's generally because I have all my mates and family around.

Q. How does the half of your game slip away sometimes?
CAMERON SMITH: I think it's just golf, especially out here, the competition is so good. You can be on your a minus game out here and not make a cut for two months. That's just how it is. You need to bring the goods every week, and if you can grind it out in those between when you're not playing so well, that just makes the season so much better.

Q. How is the golf course today?
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, I think it's just a bit warmer today. Ball was probably traveling a little bit further. Ball is obviously rolling a little bit out on the fairway, so we just had shorter clubs into the greens. I mean, the greens were firming up a little bit at the end there but nothing too much. Still allowed us to be aggressive. That's why I think there's a few guys that went low out there today.

Q. How about your dog, can you say something?
CAMERON SMITH: What do you want me to say?

Q. His name.
CAMERON SMITH: My dog travels with me most weeks. His name's Walter. You can follow him on Instagram.

Q. Why Walter?
CAMERON SMITH: We've got a -- I wanted to call him Wally, after Wally Lewis at home, the king, we call him, the rugby league. We kind of, my girlfriend and I, kind of decided on Walter. We both like Breaking Bad. Walter is the main character there, and then we can call him Wally for short.

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