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March 22, 1998

Venus Williams


Q. How is your knee?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I think it is better.

Q. What did you do it to?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I didn't do anything to it.

Q. Why did you have it wrapped?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Because I think it is a fashion statement.

Q. How did you feel you played today?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I think I played much better than I did the other night. The other night I was very erratic that even I wasn't sure what I was going to do. But today I was a lot better. I think I still let some errors come in at the wrong times. But I was more satisfied. But my goals will be played better next time.

Q. Is it true your dad was here today?

VENUS WILLIAMS: He has been here.

Q. Isn't that unusual when --

VENUS WILLIAMS: Is it unusual?

Q. That he is at a tournament where you are playing?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I see him a lot. Well, he was at Oklahoma and Indian Wells and he is here. We live here, so he comes.

Q. Does it make a difference for you in terms of preparation or in terms of debriefing after a game or --

VENUS WILLIAMS: No. My mom is my coach also. I really like having my dad here, but sometimes he is not, so my mom is here for me. And I believe she is one of the best. So is my dad.

Q. How much time do you spend with your sister talking?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Jive? Talking jive?

Q. Tennis --

VENUS WILLIAMS: Talking a lot of jive. That is usually what we do. How much time we speak talking tennis?

Q. Do you talk tennis with your sister?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Definitely. We help each other out. Because the other night I said Serena, "When you play, if you can't be there, be there anyway." So now that is what we are talking about now. She said, "I wasn't there, but I was there anyway, Venus." So, she was talking to me before I went out to my match. And sometimes I will say things to her so we help each other out. Sometimes we will be off the court, Serena, this don't make sense or, Venus, this don't make sense, what are we doing, come on, we can dominate, why are we doing these things, let's get it straight. So, usually we encourage each other.

Q. So it is a "we" thing?


Q. Until you get to play each other?

VENUS WILLIAMS: After I played her, I told her, Serena, you have these tendencies.

Q. Will you give her any advice on the next round?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I think Serena definitely is playing well these days. I think Patty is playing well also. She won a tournament.

Q. Two.

VENUS WILLIAMS: Two this year. She is really on the move, getting serious. That is good for all those young players, so...

Q. Venus, are you going to watch the Seles/Kournikova match? And do you have an opinion why Anna Kournikova is so popular in the press?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I think that Anna Kournikova is bringing some different to tennis, just like a lot of other younger players do, and a lot of the older players. I think everyone is interested in what she is doing. And why else? Let's see. She is a good player. Interesting to watch. She has interesting things to say. Those are just some reasons. I'm sure she can tell you more. You'd probably like that. Will I be at the match tonight? No. I have to go. I was waiting a long time for my match. I thought it was going to be a little earlier, but I had to wait. This is it.

Q. Did you have fun with the children at Flamingo Park?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Yes, a lot of fun. All of the kids were very nice. They were cute. I like this chair, though.

Q. In Indian Wells at a press conference you used the word journalists needed a thesaurus to figure what it was. I only remember the word. It was disgrace --


Q. How do you learn these words?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I love words. I really do. I have a dictionary I have had since '95. Whenever I learn a word I put a dot by it. I love words a lot. It is my pastime. Plus my dad told us we have to get a vocabulary; can't walk around without a vocabulary. You have to learn how to speak, so he got on us. I don't think Serena likes words as much as I do. She is always saying, wow, Venus, but I am the type of person -- she is more or less, I guess, in math. But, I don't know.

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