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August 23, 2018

Nanna Koertz Madsen

Regina Saskatchewan, Canada

Q. First round here in Canada. Off to a rocky start, but how did you manage to come back from back-to-back bogeys?
NANNA KOERSTZ MADSEN: Yeah, rough start. Hit a lot of bad shots in the beginning. We were trying to just make it the even; that's what we talked about, to make it even on the front nine.

But I had two good birdies and then 9 is a good birdie chance, so I end up being 1-under.

And then there's a lot of good birdie chances on the back nine. I took advantage of them.

Q. Yeah, I mean, conditions were okay; weather was to your advantage.
NANNA KOERSTZ MADSEN: Yeah, yeah, there was no wind out there. It was easy today, yeah.

Q. Good. And so you also hit the eagle on the par-4, 14th. Tell us how that went. 15?
NANNA KOERSTZ MADSEN: Yeah. So, yeah, driver fairway; pushed my 3-wood and then I hit a chip that was a little too long but landed right in between the green and the fringe.

So there was a little sand so it took a little speed off. It was still hard, so it hit the pin, slammed into the pin, and, yeah, the pin stopped it. It was lucky and good.

Q. Are you a player to watch the leaderboard as the round goes on? At when point were you feeling good about your position?
NANNA KOERSTZ MADSEN: I would probably lie if I said I wouldn't look at the leaderboard. I try not to but I'm always doing it.

After the eagle you felt like, Hey, I can be a little up there.

Q. Sure. What's the strategy going into the second round?
NANNA KOERSTZ MADSEN: Maybe try get a little better start so I won't have to fight too much to come back.

Yeah, and just, I don't know, try and make some birdies. Tomorrow morning I think should be a little more wind so should be a little tougher. Yeah, just try and keep the ball in the fairways and hit the greens.

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