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August 23, 2018

Nasa Hataoka

Regina Saskatchewan, Canada

Q. So it seemed fairly easy for you. I'm guessing the good scoring conditions helped today.
NASA HATAOKA: (Through translation.) There was no wind today so I was able to attack the pins.

Q. We heard that from a lot of people, especially since the weather might change for tomorrow; a whole lot more wind tomorrow. Were you thinking at all about a good round today so you didn't have to worry tomorrow?
NASA HATAOKA: (Through translation.) I didn't know it's going to be windy until after I finished the round today. I was able to concentrate on my game today.

Q. Was there any particular hole or spot that really stood out to you as a strong hole, or just an overall good day?
NASA HATAOKA: (Through translation.) The bogey on 17 was a little disappointing, but the 5th hole looked like I was going to bogey again, but I was able to save par.

So those two holes.

Q. When you started the day did you think you would end at the top of the leaderboard?
NASA HATAOKA: (Through translation.) No, not really.

Q. What are your thoughts on the golf course? This is your first time playing this event, right? What are your thoughts on this golf course and about playing in Canada?
NASA HATAOKA: (Through translation.) There are some long holes out here and some water as well. If I play my own game, I think I can shoot a score like today.

Q. One last question: You've had your big win at Wal-Mart. Has that settled in? Are you feeling like an LPGA champion? Has that helped your game at all?
NASA HATAOKA: (Through translation.) Yes, a lot of players seem to recognize me now. Arkansas was only a three-day tournament, so hopefully I can win a four-day tournament next.

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