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August 23, 2018

Celeste Dao

Regina Saskatchewan, Canada

Q. First round in the books here. How did you feel out there?
CELESTE DAO: Really good. I started a little bit nervous 1st hole, but I could keep up and I was patient. On the back nine I did pretty well.

Q. What was the game plan coming into today at the start of the round?
CELESTE DAO: Like I said, being patient. That's my big thing to play well.

I knew in the back nine there were par-5s and par 4s waiting for me, so, yeah.

Q. Think your experience as the U.S. women's Open helped you today?
CELESTE DAO: For sure. I was really less nervous than the U.S. Open and helped me enormous.

Yeah, I felt home, and everybody who was following me was just helping me to be less nervous, and I was really happy, too.

Q. Can you take us through that 1st hole. I didn't see it, but the first shot went a little wide of the fairway. Can you just walk me through?
CELESTE DAO: Yeah, I pushed it at the right and I thought it was (indiscernible), but I hit a tree and I was under a tree and then I miss. I like hit in the (indiscernible) because it was like under the pine tree.

So I made a double, but I made a good up and down from the bunker to save my double, so I was pretty happy.

Q. You used a putter on that second shot you said?
CELESTE DAO: No, I used a 5-wood because I couldn't reach with an iron because it was really like a huge pine tree.

But it's fine.

Q. Okay.

Q. That's really something, to get the up and down and put that out of your mind.
CELESTE DAO: Yeah. I turned the page and I was ready to make birdies after.

Q. Some would say that's a sign of a mature golfer who has played a lot of golf. Here you are, 17, and you're able to do that. Can you tell me how you put a hole you don't want aside and come through for the rest of the round?
CELESTE DAO: Exactly. So after I made a birdie I made like, I don't know which length, but it was pretty long putt.

Just put me more calm. I was like, Okay, I'm ready to go. It's going to be a good day. I knew after that day I was good to go. Yeah.

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