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August 23, 2018

Maude-Aimee Leblanc

Regina Saskatchewan, Canada

Q. Well, what did you think? I mean, 2-Under is red.
MAUDE-AIMEE LEBLANC: Yeah, it's red. Other than couple miss-hits I feel like my game was pretty much under control today. Couple three-putts that hurt a lot, but other than that pretty good.

I was trying to go as low as I could today because I know tomorrow is going to be really windy. Tomorrow is going to be more challenging.

Q. Yeah, the leaders that went off the back and then came up the front said that they noticed a change about halfway through the round with the greens and stuff. Does that go same for you? Did it get faster and firmer or...
MAUDE-AIMEE LEBLANC: I mean, I hit the ball really high so I didn't really see any difference to be honest, yeah.

Q. Were you attacking the pins or...
MAUDE-AIMEE LEBLANC: Yeah, I was trying to attack the pins. Like I said, I hit the ball pretty high so it doesn't roll a lot.

Q. With the conditions, everybody seems to be saying like, Look, this isn't going to be the same tomorrow because of the forecast. They're almost like afraid of it or something. Do you go into defense mode or what?
MAUDE-AIMEE LEBLANC: I mean, I played the nine holes with the pro-am yesterday and it was super windy, so I assume it's going to be about that same wind. And I actually played really well, so I'm not too scared of it.

I know the scores are probably not going to be as low, but I'll just try to take advantage of the par-5s.

Q. Just one general question in English. Obviously the best-case scenario would be to make a bunch of money between now and Portland and not have to go to Q-School. You're a veteran. Are you afraid of whatever lurks in the next six weeks?
MAUDE-AIMEE LEBLANC: No. I mean, I hate Q-School. Q-School is the worst experience ever, so I'm going to try really hard not to go back this year.

So this year is pretty much our biggest purse for the rest of the season, so I'm going to try to get my best result out here.

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