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August 23, 2018

Lydia Ko

Regina Saskatchewan, Canada

Q. So another pretty good round out there. We're hearing the course is starting to firm up out there.
LYDIA KO: Yeah, you know, the greens were really firm and very fast, but they have been like that all week. I guess with the pretty strong winds yesterday just kind of baked them out. Obviously with all the traffic, too.

But, no, you know, the course is in pretty good condition. Obviously today, this morning there weren't very high winds. When it's kind of like that you really have to try and take advantage of that.

I hit the ball so solid. I felt like there were quite a few putts I could have holed that just kind of -- I left it hanging.

But overall, to start with 6-under I think was a solid round.

Q. It's got to help to have Jess at 6-under, Ariya at 8-under, all in that group.
LYDIA KO: Yeah, think there are a bunch of really low numbers out there. Even when I looked at the leaderboard on my front nine it seemed like everyone was pretty much getting off to a good start.

I think it's really because the course is getting firmer, and obviously because of the pretty subtle wind it makes it a little bit more approachable.

I heard that the forecast is a little different tomorrow, so I think playing conditions are going to be very different. But I think that's why it's really good to I think post a lower number when it was a little, you know, easier than what it can be.

Q. To start on the back, I realize sometimes it's tied into the conditions, but where does the course seem to change a little bit? Is the back quote/unquote easier than the front? Are the more scoring opportunities the par-5s?
LYDIA KO: I don't think the back is easier because of the holes. I guess there could be more birdie opportunities because there are three par-5s on the back and only one on the front.

I think this course, especially this one as you pass the clubhouse, these last few holes of the front nine, if the wind blows there is really nothing to stop it. I think this course will play many shots difference with the wind.

But like I said, the only difference between the front and back nine is there are two more par-5s than the front nine.

Q. Guys on the broadcast were saying that kind of a hallmark of the way you play, but especially in this country where you've won three times, you just really seem to relax out there. I know it's a general question, but, I mean, can you talk a little bit about that?
LYDIA KO: I think the Canadians have taken me in as a Canadian almost. I always love coming back to Canada. It's a place where I've had my first LPGA win. Obviously every win is special, but the first there is something a little bit more special to it.

I feel like the fans have always kind of welcomed me as their own. We normally get amazing crowds, and we had great crowds even from our 1st hole and it still only half past 8:00 in the morning.

So I think that it's always nice and comforting when you come back to places that you've played well at. I think the fans are a huge factor of this event.

Q. From a Canadian perspective, we've kind of watched you grow up. You're won so much and you're, what, 20?

Q. 21 now. What's that like to have all those wins in the bank? In other professional sports you're just not even really hitting your stride at 21.
LYDIA KO: I'm hoping that, you know, the high part of my career is still to come. Obviously very lucky to, you know, have done what I've been able to do these past few years.

The luckiest thing for me is I was able to play some LPGA events as an amateur. That really gave me experience. Even my rookie year I didn't feel like a complete rookie.

It's all about the opportunities you get. Things have gone my way a lot of the time, which is great. With golf you're trying to play for many years. You're not just trying to look at that specific season. You've always got things to work on and things to get better at.

Yeah, definitely fortunate with all the things that have happened in my career so far.

Q. I notice from year to year you get more of a Kiwi accent.
LYDIA KO: You know, it pops by like here and there. I think when I go home my friends say I sound American. I've lived in the States for the past five years.

I've got a few words that the Kiwi twang kind of comes out.

Q. How does this course compare to some other courses you've played during the Canadian Open? First time here in Saskatchewan.
LYDIA KO: Yeah, I feel like every single Canadian Open I've played the course has been very different. Obviously this I would say is one the tighter golf courses. It's not like it's tight with fairway and just trees. There is a good bit of rough.

I think the greens are a huge factor at this golf course where it's pretty tough putting and getting good speed control. I think that's going to be really important out there, and especially if the wind picks up. The greens aren't going to get much slower.

So, yeah, you know, when it's kind of those tough conditions you really have to be patient and just give yourself good opportunities and go from there.

Q. How important is that good day one score?
LYDIA KO: Yeah, it's definitely nice to have a good round under my belt, and especially because you're playing in the morning you try and take advantage of the calm conditions.

This golf course has really nothing to stop the wind if it comes, so...

But I played the pro-am yesterday when it was pretty windy. Felt like a different golf courses, but it was fun playing that. Obviously it's very challenging, but it's quite cool to hit different shots and be a bit more creative in some other shots.

Yeah, you know, it is what it is. Everybody plays the same conditions, same golf course, so all you can do is go out there and play your own game.

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