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March 10, 1998

Venus Williams


Q. She had a little run at you in the first set. Did you worry at all?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Well, I knew that -- I went up 4-Love. I think she was making errors. I was playing aggressively. I was attacking the second serves. But then when I got up 4-Love, she began to hit a lot more balls very deep, whereas I couldn't attack her as much as I would have liked to. She began to play much better. I lost serve twice. At 4-All was my serve, so I really felt comfortable because I have a pretty good serve these days. I was pretty confident the whole time.

Q. What about the second set, Venus? You kind of rolled over her. Looks like she got a little frustrated.

VENUS WILLIAMS: I've seen her play before. I know she's the type of player that doesn't give up. I was very confident in the second set. I always am, especially after I win the first one. I felt I had nothing to lose. I was winning. I just played like -- that was it.

Q. Are you starting to feel the pressure of the celebrity -- being a celebrity?


Q. A lot of little girls waiting for autographs, always one more to sign, no matter how many you sign.

VENUS WILLIAMS: That is true. If you don't sign one, someone always gets the misunderstanding that, "She doesn't have time for her fans." It's not like that. I don't think people understand to what degree you have to be patient. People always want pictures, autographs. I understand that because I probably would want one, too. Sometimes there's only so much one person can do. If people don't understand that, you can't always give everyone autographs all the time. But I think I have to look at that levelheaded. Everyone is going to understand, I suppose. If they don't, then people can't live and breathe for me. I have to do that of the -- I have to be happy.

Q. Venus, are you pretty psyched up for your doubles match? It's a nice match-up between four of the youngest great players on the Tour. Should be a lot of fun?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I'm excited for every doubles match. I love playing doubles with Serena. No matter what, we always have fun. Whenever we get too serious, we say to each other, "Do you remember last year when we were playing at Indian Wells, we were losing, we were no good. How we laughed even though we were losing?" I'm like, "Serena, how come we're not having fun now?" That's what we say. No matter what, we have fun.

Q. Do you have some fond memories of this place last year? You had that great match with Lindsay Davenport? Is that important? Do you remember those things?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Definitely. How could I forget? I have all types of great memories from last year, Serena and I together. We had lots of fun, especially.

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