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August 17, 2018

David Goffin

Cincinnati, Ohio

D. GOFFIN/K. Anderson

6-2, 6-4

Q. Congratulations. Obviously many delays. You must be happy to get off court in two sets, as well against Kevin Anderson who is very in form at the moment.
DAVID GOFFIN: Yes, of course it was a tough match, and especially when you had to wait yesterday the whole day without hitting any balls, and then you have to be ready the first match at 11:00. And the key was to be ready from the first point with a good warmup.

And, yeah, I broke him on the first service game, so it was a really good start so give me a lot of confidence for the rest of the match, because Kevin is serving really well and he's playing really aggressively.

He's playing well. He's in great confidence for the moment, so it was a tough match. But I'm happy the way I played.

Q. What were some of the keys for you? Obviously the conditions are changing from hot to humid, rainy, wet. Did it slow down for you to help you with that return game?
DAVID GOFFIN: I don't know, but I wasn't on every -- every service I was on the ball, and then the conditions were really good for me. I felt the ball really well. Yeah, didn't miss a lot. I served well, I returned well, so it was a really great match, so the conditions were really good for me, I think, today.

Q. And then looking forward, Delpo or Kyrgios having a battle right now, what do you think about those guys?
DAVID GOFFIN: Yeah, they're having a great battle. Delpo has the break. So it's going to be a tough match, but they are serving well, both, but I'm returning really well, also. So it could be really a tough match.

But we will see. It's going to be today, also, the second match. So physically they're gonna play a long match. I played a shorter match than them, so it's going to be interesting to see. But I will have nothing to lose if it's Delpo, and if it's Nick, he's really talented and we will see.

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