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August 16, 2018

Alex Fitzpatrick

Pebble Beach, California

Q. We'd like to welcome Alex Fitzpatrick, another one of our quarterfinalists here at the U.S. Amateur at Pebble Beach. It's a pleasure to have you here.

Q. Obviously there's some family history at this event, and we've just been told that your brother reached out and talked to you, Matthew. Tell us what he said, and then we'll go to some questions.
ALEX FITZPATRICK: He basically -- he sort of left me alone this week, left me to carry on my golf, not to distract me. But he basically wished me good luck, said lots of love, just keep doing what you're doing, and see what happens.

Q. What does that mean to you?
ALEX FITZPATRICK: It means a lot, yeah. Me and my brother are pretty close. I reach out for him for a lot of help at a lot of times, and it's nice to have someone sort of at that level with the experience and having already done it sort of helping me out throughout the week.

Q. Personally you're now a quarterfinalist at the U.S. Amateur. There's only eight guys that can say that after we started with 7,000. What does that mean to you?
ALEX FITZPATRICK: An honor, yeah. This tournament has been something I've really wanted to get in from the start of the year. I've worked pretty hard to get in this, and it's nice to actually play good golf when I get here. I didn't expect to even qualify for the stroke play, so sort of each match getting further and further is getting more exciting, and as I said, if I was to get knocked out, I still wouldn't be disappointed because I've had a great week.

Q. What's your best memory of caddying for your brother at the Country Club of Brookline five years ago?
ALEX FITZPATRICK: I made one decision throughout that week, and that was the -- I believe the 15th hole -- no, 14th hole. He pulled out 7-iron, and me being me at that age, I thought, no, no, you're not hitting a 7-iron, I'll give you a 6. So I gave him a 6, and he hits it to like 15 feet, rolled in the putt, won the hole, and that was like dormie. I think he was like 3-up with four to play or something. So that was probably the best memory I have.

Q. Did he give you credit for it?
ALEX FITZPATRICK: Yes and no. He doesn't like to give credit.

Q. Are you that disciplined with yourself when you're on the course?
ALEX FITZPATRICK: Yeah. I'm very hard on myself. I expect a lot. I expect a lot from myself. Hitting bad shots is a little frustrating. But yeah, I'd say I'm pretty disciplined on the course.

Q. What about the competition between the two of you; how do you deal with each other, so on and so forth?
ALEX FITZPATRICK: From the times we get to play together, it's pretty competitive, because my game is sort of long and wayward, and his is sort of like just putting and short game. So it's always been very competitive between us. But it's good fun, and you learn a lot from playing with him.

Q. Is there anything that you wish that you had in his game, and is there anything in your game that he wishes he had?
ALEX FITZPATRICK: Straightness. I don't hit the driver -- I hit the driver a fair distance, and on good days it goes pretty straight, but bad days is always challenging. You find yourself in the rough and trees and places you've not seen on the course before. Yeah, I wish I had that part of his game. My putting is getting there, but I do wish I had his putting. But everything else I'm quite happy with.

Q. His short game is pretty Sterling.

Q. How did your games get so far apart?
ALEX FITZPATRICK: That's a good question. As daft as it sounds, we're sort of built differently. He's sort of quite slim and -- not weak, but like -- I wouldn't say he's the biggest of guys, whereas I'm sort of built a little bigger. I played a lot of sports when I was younger, so I did everything pretty fast. So I think that's where my length comes from and probably why my lack of touch around the greens is normally the case.

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