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August 16, 2018

Davis Riley

Pebble Beach, California

Q. How excited are you to be in the round of 16, first time?
DAVIS RILEY: Yeah, it's big time. I've never made it this far. Made it to the 32 before. It's nice to advance to the next round.

Yeah, I'm trending in the right direction. I knew some of my best golf was ahead of me. In stroke play I didn't have my best. I'm trending every day, getting better every day.

This morning I played a really nice rounds; unfortunately stubbled in with two bogeys coming in on the back nine, but it was good enough to win. When you turn around on the back nine it turns back into the wind and it's a completely different golf course.

Those are tough holes. You can kind of grab some birdies or coast in a little bit.

Q. Tell me about the 2nd hole.
DAVIS RILEY: Let's see, No. 2, yeah, that was great. You know, if you're hitting a 3 there, I mean, in the Pro-Am PGA event that's an eagle.

But, yeah, hit a great drive, 7-iron in there to a foot. Then picked it up, and it was good enough to get an early lead.

Q. What was your yardage in there?
DAVIS RILEY: So I had I believe 190 and I hit a 7-iron, which is my 85/87 club. Landed a couple feet short and rolled up there perfect.

Q. And then you kind of cut into the lead a little bit, but then you stepped on the gas again and birdied the 6th.
DAVIS RILEY: Yes. He won the hole, the par-3, right before that, 5. I believe that was to get back to -- I was 1-up.

So I was like, Okay, this guy, he's been playing well; good golf all week. I knew I needed to make a couple birdies.

Yeah, I birdied 6, which was a really good birdie, enough to win the hole. And then both of us actually birdied 7.

So, yeah, it was a good match. He's a great player and he's been playing well all week obviously. Nice to get a win.

Q. How did you birdie the 10th?
DAVIS RILEY: No. 10, so I hit a perfect drive. It's kind of a weird tee box. I hit 3-iron down the middle, a wedge up to there about 25 feet, and made a really good putt. I just cashed it.

I knew from there, if I just played smart golf, fairways and greens, it would be not too stressful from there.

Q. You just told Brantly (phonetic) how your mother had some health issues and now she's doing better. Is that a relief for you that allows you to concentrate on golf more?
DAVIS RILEY: Right. Yeah, you know in the spring I was worried. Definitely not using it is as a crutch for my golf obviously, but, yeah, was definitely worrisome in the back of my mind because they were trying to keep it on the low a little bit and not try to worry me, let me focus on my golf.

But, yeah, it's a huge relief now. To have her here with me traveling to tournaments again is really nice. She's my No. 1 fan pretty much. It's nice to see, yeah.

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