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August 15, 2018

Davis Riley

Pebble Beach, California

Q. Solid win for you.
DAVIS RILEY: Yeah, it was. Had a not-so-good back nine but was able to get a few holes early and come back from being 1-down on the front, and yeah, just squeezed one out a little bit, but I'll take a win anyway I can get it.

Q. Tell me about the shot on 6 for the eagle.
DAVIS RILEY: Yeah, that was nice. Hit a really good drive down the fairway and kind of pulled it with the right-to-left wind, 20, 30 yards left of the green, and it went in like a putt, and that was really nice to see. That was my first time to go up in the match, so that kind of gave me momentum going throughout the match.

Q. You squared it on 8 but came back and won the first few holes on the back with pars, solid play there.
DAVIS RILEY: Yeah, it was good. The greens are really firming up with the wind and everything, so I think it's going to be a big adjustment for everybody. I know it was for me. And I just played fairways and greens and sometimes that's good enough on that tough stretch going through 9 to 12. Just trying to let him make the mistake, and he made a few mistakes, and it paid off for me.

Q. Obviously you've played Pebble Beach in stroke play. How different is it in match play?
DAVIS RILEY: It is a lot different. There's a bunch of holes where you can kind of take it a little more aggressive route than a conservative route as you might in stroke play, but I kind of stuck to a similar game plan to stroke play. I played well here in the stroke play, and it paid off for me today.

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