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August 12, 2018

Sloane Stephens

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

S. HALEP/S. Stephens

7-6, 3-6, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What positives do you take away from a match like this?
SLOANE STEPHENS: Yeah, I thought I played well. I thought she played well. Obviously in a final, you hope for matches like that, super competitive, high energy. I mean, there's nothing more than you could hope for in a final.

Obviously upsetting that I didn't win. But I think I got better today. I got better than the last final we played. Yeah, it's disappointing, but I think this will help me moving forward, getting ready to go into Cincy and the US Open.

Just going to kind of take it all in, realize I did a good job this week, and I can be proud of myself for that.

Q. What areas do you think Simona had the edge?
SLOANE STEPHENS: I don't know. I haven't really thought about it. You watched the match. You tell me. I don't know.

Q. The match had 15 breaks. How do you explain all those breaks? What was happening?
SLOANE STEPHENS: Two players that return really well. I mean, other than that... Sometimes it happens, so kind of just how the game is.

Q. Is there an aspect of your game you want to improve before the US Open?
SLOANE STEPHENS: No. Just keep competing hard, having fun, leaving it out on the court like I did today. I can't ask for anything more. Just that.

Q. In your opinion, how did the match today go in comparison to the last match you played with Simona?
SLOANE STEPHENS: They were both really tough matches. Like I said, I wanted to play two hard sets. I played three hard sets today. It was better than I had hoped.

I mean, just got to go out and try to play your best. Obviously playing the No. 1 player in the world is not easy. There's a reason why she's the No. 1 player in the world.

Yeah, I thought it was not bad. I thought I played better than the last one, so that's good.

Q. I think around 4-1 for Halep, your coach came in and told you something. Can you tell us exactly what he said and how it helped you come back in that set?
SLOANE STEPHENS: I don't remember what he said. Obviously something good because it worked.

Q. With a result like this, playing as well as you did, do you feel like your top level is increasing now?
SLOANE STEPHENS: Yeah, I think obviously a year ago when I was playing here, I was ranked 900 something. This week I'm 3. I think making the semis last year here was great. Then obviously making the finals here is even better.

I'm playing good tennis. There's nothing to complain about. I hope that it keeps getting better. I hope it keeps improving.

But the way that I'm playing, I mean, I hope to continue, yeah, just kind of continue on this path and I think I'll be okay.

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