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August 12, 2018

Kyle Busch

Brooklyn, Michigan

THE MODERATOR: We are joined by Kyle Busch, driver of the No.18 Interstate Batteries Toyota, who finished in third place today here at Michigan. We will open it up to questions.

Q. Is third a good day, or when you're four seconds behind Harvick all day, it's like‑‑
KYLE BUSCH: I was in front of him for like five laps. Jesus, Bob. Yeah, I actually drove away from him for a couple of laps there before that caution came out. I don't know how many laps we led or when we were in front of the 4. But it definitely seemed like whoever got out front just could kind of take off, and if you were the fastest car like the 4 was, there was nobody that was going to be able to come close to you and do anything with you.
There were some moments there that last run once it got strung out, everybody was eight lengths apart, eight lengths apart, eight lengths apart, eight lengths apart, and you couldn't get any closer than that. You were just at an air deficit from being able to get air on your car from the car in front of you and just lacking grip, so you just weren't able to make up time.
But yeah, it's Michigan. Take that with a grain of salt. For us, this isn't our best place, so we don't necessarily think we're going to come here and be a dominant force, and coming out of here with a third is fine for us. We can take solace in that, I guess, and go on into next week.

Q. Kyle, we're going to Bristol next week, and we all know how successful you are there. Do you feel like you're in perfect position to respond to Harvick's win?
KYLE BUSCH: Yes and no. Certainly Harvick has been fast there, too. I think he won there a couple years ago. But obviously we're kind of on a hot streak with Bristol. We love going there. I would like to think that we can go there, be fast and be able to respond, absolutely. So we'll see what we can do getting there, and hopefully having a fast race car and doing what we normally do there, just try to stay out of trouble. It's a tough place to stay out of trouble.

Q. You just made reference that Michigan is just not a strong track for you. Why is that?
KYLE BUSCH: I'm not sure. I think mainly because it's just so one‑groovish nowadays that ‑‑ I won the last race here on the old asphalt before they went and repaved it, and that day I had my own groove all to myself. I was the fourth lane who was one lane off the wall, and it was my own groove, and I could go there and nobody else was kind of running there. People were coming in and out or running lower or running higher or whatever, so that's when you can make up time on a guy. Like today trying to run down the 12 or the 2 or anybody in front of us for that matter, you just‑‑ you're following them. You're trying to keep your left front headlight out a little bit, which is only giving you like 20 percent air rather than 100 percent air, and having 20 percent air versus the guy in front of you having 100 percent air, you're not going anywhere with that. There's no speed in that. So you've got to have all the downforce you can get.

Q. You mentioned that this is a one single groove; when do you think we'll be able to see Michigan widen out into more passing lanes?
KYLE BUSCH: I would have hoped that it would have been a little bit wider than what it is now. It certainly widened out throughout our race, but throughout the truck race or the weekend it didn't widen out very much. I don't know. Best guess, 10 years.

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