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August 12, 2018

Gary Woodland

St. Louis, Missouri

Q. What do you take from this week, doing so well in a Major championship?
GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, I take away my game's in a pretty good spot. I was a little frustrated today, just didn't have the pace on the greens, and I left everything short. Didn't get anything to fall. The golf swing felt great. The putter's been great all week. I'm excited about the stretch we have coming up in the playoffs.

Q. Your best ever finish in a Major, and you're rewarded by being paired up with Tiger Woods on a Sunday in a Major championship. What do you take away from that experience? And just how was it out there with the big crowds?
GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, it was awesome. In that atmosphere, there's nothing like it, the energy in that place was unbelievable.

Q. Gary, some good fight today. You played some solid golf. A couple putts here or there and just a little better start maybe.
GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, really, the putter kind of let me down. I actually didn't get putts. Everything was short all day. Just didn't really have a pace on the green. I kept hitting good shots. I kept giving myself chances. Just didn't get anything to fall. I'm happy with where my game is. Putter felt great all week. Today the pressure, from my hands, I think, maybe I grabbed it a little tight. Couldn't get anything to hold, which was frustrating. Outside of that, I'm happy with where the game is and excited for the playoffs.

Q. The St. Louis fans, pretty incredible, isn't it?
GARY WOODLAND: It really is. Missouri fans were really nice to me, for the most part. It was nice playing with Tiger because he cancelled out all the Mizzou fans. I couldn't hear them. It was pretty cool. The energy was unbelievable. Even from Monday, the amount of turnout for the week, it was pretty cool.

Q. Kansas not getting any respect here?
GARY WOODLAND: A little bit, I don't know about a lot. But this week they were pretty good.

Q. Congratulations on the week. I know it's hard to just sort of sum it up right now, but obviously, it's your best Major finish.
GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, it's frustrating. I swung it pretty good today, gave myself a lot of chances, just couldn't get the speed down on the greens today. I was short on everything, which is frustrating. I'd like to at least give it a chance. All in all, I'm happy with where my game is. It's really kind of turned the corner. Putter's been great all week. Today I couldn't get it going. I'm happy with where I'm at heading into the playoffs, and we'll build on this and go.

Q. It must be a little bit -- I don't know. In one way, it might raise your game. In another way, it might be a distraction to play with Tiger. What's that like to process that?
GARY WOODLAND: It was nice. The fans have been big all week. A lot of KU and Mizzou fans going back and forth. Tiger kind of cancelled that out. I was riding off the energy in that group. It was awesome. To contend in a major on Sunday and making putts, the energy was unbelievable. That's what you want. You want to be able to play with him on Sunday and beat him. Unfortunately, I didn't do that today, but I was glad I was in that spot.

Q. Did he look good?
GARY WOODLAND: He did. Ball flight, I mean, he controls it. The putter was awesome. He had a lot of putts that didn't go in as well. 64 looked pretty easy, to be honest. The energy in the crowd, that was the biggest crowd I've seen. He just kind of Ho-hummed 64 today. Could have shot a lot.

Q. First time in a Major. First time playing with Tiger when he's contending. How do you grow from things like that?
GARY WOODLAND: You just build on that. I'm happy to see results with the way I've been working. Golf swing feels pretty good. The putter's been working all week. Like I said today, I didn't have the pace down, but you want to contend and do this more often. So I'll keep working and hopefully be here every week.

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