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August 12, 2018

Thomas Pieters

St. Louis, Missouri

Q. Big disappointment on 17, but a tremendous round of golf aside from that hole. Your thoughts.
THOMAS PIETERS: Yeah, I played really well. I'm happy with the week, obviously it's a tough one to take, but then again I've had a very, very rough year and a half and it's nice to play some good golf now. So I'm quite happy.

Q. Do you feel that this is an indication that you are really getting back on form? Obviously that great Masters in 2017 and maybe not the result you wanted, but do you feel that this is part of a momentum switch in which you're getting back to top form.
THOMAS PIETERS: Yeah, of course. It's just nice to contend. I had a feeling like I could win this if I put up something nice and I haven't had that feeling in any tournament. It's nice to do it here, obviously. So, yeah, I think that I got in a good run of form about two years ago around this time so we'll see.

Q. What about the St. Louis crowd out there, they have been out here in full force pretty much since Monday. Talk about the atmosphere playing here.
THOMAS PIETERS: Yeah, I mean it's unbelievable. I hope one day I get to play with Tiger, that would be cool. But, yeah, I think we were on 16 looking back on 10 on the fairway or 15, and you could see Tiger come by and it was just 20 rows deep, it was unbelievable.

Q. The two of you may see each other in France in a couple months. Thoughts of -- are you thinking maybe you can start to switch to thinking of Ryder Cup at this point?
THOMAS PIETERS: No, it's not really in my hands, I don't think I can play my way in. If I need a pick then hopefully I get a pick, but I'm not worried about it, no.

Q. And the showing here I'm sure that that will help Thomas.
THOMAS PIETERS: Yeah, definitely it's going to get him thinking, I guess. But then again I've only just started to get in form and we'll see. Hopefully I play well my next two tournaments in Prague and in Denmark and we'll see.

Q. Some of the guys, the greens being the way they are, some guys are having trouble putting them. You obviously didn't.
THOMAS PIETERS: That was just today, you know.

Q. Did you find them different?
THOMAS PIETERS: I don't know if you saw me putt yesterday. Yeah, they're soft. It's not their fault, it's not the greens crew, the course is unbelievable, I loved the course all week. And if you put a good stroke on it you're going to make it. But if you mishit it, it can definitely hop and not go in.

Q. Is it hard to get the ball to the hole at times just because they aren't fast?
THOMAS PIETERS: Uphill putts, yeah, you really need to hit them. Then again, if you put a good stroke on it it's always going to go in.

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