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August 12, 2018

Jordan Spieth

St. Louis, Missouri

Q. Start about the round. You had five or six birdies today. At times it went really, really well out there.
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, I started out great out of the gate, and then I just -- these light and variable winds are tough for me compared to the field. I love being able to feel it, to hold it into a breeze or whatever. So I just felt like I was in between clubs all day, not knowing which wind it was going to be. A few times I was right, a few times -- I was kind of 50 percent on and off.

But all in all, made a lot of progress. Each day got a little bit better here. You know, minus a couple tee shots, I had a chance to win this thing with what felt like not my A-game. The putting was phenomenal. I was probably top-5 in putting for the week, which is great. It's been a long time since I've been there. And the rest of the game's moving in the right direction.

So it's good to have a tough test like this. It's a fantastic golf course to be able to trust things, and today was a solid day, not trying to do too much, and getting a 66 on the board.

Q. What did you feel you got better at? Your score certainly got better every day. What did you solve? What's your problem, I guess? What did you solve to get around it?
JORDAN SPIETH: It was just in the swing, just trying to work around my body more, trying to get some shoulder turn and not pick the club up and feel like I'm working draws. From really 7 iron down the bag, it was phenomenal. And then the long irons and woods were still just a little bit off, and I had a couple foul balls because of it with an iron and a driver.

So it was just really, really close to being precise enough to win this week. Good news is I've got a week off now to nail it in and feel like I stepped into the playoffs with my game in the best shape it's been this entire year.

Q. You talked a lot this week about what you were working on. Compared to when you started to right now, how would you compare where your game's at?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, I made up probably 75 percent of what I want to make up, which is great. Normally that would take a week and a couple of golf tournaments -- a week off and a couple of golf tournaments. I feel like throughout the swing I know where it's at, where it needs to be, and I go into familiar places the next two weeks.

I was at Ridgewood, and I played -- it's Ridgewood, right? Yeah, Ridgewood. And then obviously TPC Boston, every year we go there. So I know the shots necessary to be able to get that comfort level to 100 percent.

Q. Jordan, I kind of saw throughout the weekend, like even today, ten minutes before your round, signed autographs for fans and right after. How important are those interactions with people for you?
JORDAN SPIETH: I think the fans this week were probably better than I could ever remember at a golf tournament. They're fantastic. They're loud. They came in bunches. There's a lot of people here. But they also were very respectful. You know the Tiger roars. You know kind of the ground swell. So being able to see the amount of kids that were out here too is unbelievable.

They really came out in full force in St. Louis. You can tell it's a great sports city. It's a great market to come to. Hopefully, we can come back here in May, get the course a little bit firmer and faster and even more challenging, and it would be a lot of fun to come back for sure.

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