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August 12, 2018

Tyrrell Hatton

St. Louis, Missouri

Q. 64, tell us about the round.
TYRRELL HATTON: Yeah, it was obviously a good day, feel like I played really well. I struggled off the tee this week and so it was nice to hit a lot more fairways today. My irons have been pretty good, so I gave myself plenty of opportunities. I feel like I left still quite a few shots out there, I missed a lot of putts still. But 6-under and moving in the right direction on a final round of a major is always good, so overall I'm very happy with how today went.

Q. After making the turn, obviously a bogey-free round, but after making the turn you really turned on the jets there. What was the key on the back nine there?
TYRRELL HATTON: Well, it's, it was fairly similar to the front nine. I just kept giving myself opportunities and I guess I was getting a few putts to drop. Thankfully, a couple did. Obviously a few still missed. But that's going to happen this week. So, yeah, it was just nice to get a bit of a run going and actually make a score again. So, yeah, very happy.

Q. Course conditions today compared to yesterday, obviously the first two rounds as well, how is it playing?
TYRRELL HATTON: Tee to green it's fine. It's fairly tough if you're in the rough because there's a few different types of grass. Toughest thing is the greens, to be honest. Obviously it's unfortunate that they haven't had the weather here. I'm sure the guys have worked extremely hard to present the golf course in as good a condition as they can, it's just unfortunate the weather hasn't played its part with the greens. Obviously they're spiked up a lot and, unfortunately, you can miss the hole from three and a half, four feet, which is a shame because if you hit a good putt from that distance you're expecting it to go in. So, like I say, it's unfortunate, but I really like the golf course this week, it suited my eye, apart from the 5th, I didn't like that tee shot at all. But, yeah, no, it was good to be here.

Q. And then with the St. Louis crowds and the atmosphere, talk about what it was like playing in front of that St. Louis audience this weekend.
TYRRELL HATTON: Yeah, crowds were amazing. It's pretty cool to see. With Tiger back playing there's a bigger buzz to the tournament and you definitely know it's a Tiger roar out on the golf course, which is cool. I had a few today, even though it was early in his round. So, yeah, it brings a buzz to the tournament and the crowds are fantastic this week. It was great to see so many people out here and, yeah, just makes playing golf in a good atmosphere.

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