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August 11, 2018

Gary Woodland

St. Louis, Missouri

Q. Gary, maybe not the success of the first few days, but you still find yourself right in it going into the final round?
GARY WOODLAND: I played pretty solid today, to be honest with you. Golf swing felt really good. I made a mistake there on 9, with a 9 iron in my hands. You can't miss that green. And then compounded with what I did on 10 -- I mean, I made a greet swing on 10. I thought it was perfect, and it just came up short in the bunker and hit a couple of bad bunker shots.

I was happy with the way I fought back, gave myself a chance for tomorrow, which was key. Really confident going into tomorrow with the way I fought the last eight holes. Excited about where my game is and ecstatic for tomorrow.

Q. Gary, in Phoenix you had a triple on Friday and bounce back and win the tournament, bounce back again today. What did you tell yourself today?
GARY WOODLAND: I told myself exactly that on 11 tee. It's hard to make big numbers. On the second hole, when I hit it in the water, that was a big boost to knock it in there tight and only make bogey. You don't want to give back too many shots out here.

For me to make triple on 10, to give myself a little bit of confidence, I told myself I did the same thing in Phoenix. And I really hit some great shots the next couple of holes, gave myself a lot of chances for birdie, and made a couple of them. It was nice to have that in my back pocket, been there in that same situation, and came out on top.

Q. On the second shot on 10, might you have needed a different club?
GARY WOODLAND: No, I just needed to hit it a little bit harder. I was just trying to hit it 185 yards and obviously hit it 180 yards. But I think the wind switched on us a little bit. I hit the shot how I wanted to and just came up short.

Q. Gary, what is it about that back nine that's done you better than the first nine?
GARY WOODLAND: It's just you drive the golf ball on the fairway out here, and you can really attack. I've done that successfully this week. I'm excited about what those holes give me. I'm excited about what my swing is. I can play aggressive out here, obviously. To do that, drive the golf ball in the fairway, and I can really attack into the green. I was fortunate enough to save par there on the last after missing the fairway. Outside of that, everything felt pretty good.

Q. What's it going to take tomorrow to try to get it done?
GARY WOODLAND: There's obviously a lot of guys up on top of the leaderboard. Brooks is playing very well, I saw today. Got off to an unbelievable start and had some clutch saves coming down the stretch as well. I'm going to have to play aggressive. Going to have to make a lot of birdies. It's going to take that tomorrow. All in all, we'll play aggressive and just stick to what we've been doing.

Q. Do you enjoy being the chaser?
GARY WOODLAND: I mean, I would enjoy having a ten-shot lead, but from where I'm at, I'm excited to fight back and give myself a chance tomorrow. Standing on 11 tee, I don't know if I was five back or whatever it was, to give myself a chance to only be three back for tomorrow is pretty good.

Q. You play tomorrow with either Tiger or Stewart Cink. If it's Tiger, the crowds here are massive. Does that add any challenge?
GARY WOODLAND: The crowds have been big all week. There's a ton of KU people. I'm getting a lot of KU and Mizzou people yelling back and forth. It's been crazy all week. It's obviously, for me, being in enemy territory down here in Missouri country. So it's been good, though. It's been good banter. The energy's been fantastic, which I really fed off, so I'm excited for that.

Q. Fans mistake you sometimes for Brooks Koepka and vice versa. Has that happened at all this week?
GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, it's happened quite a bit. I get it all the time, so I'm used to it by now. Playing together too, you think they could get it right, but obviously, we're too -- I guess we're built pretty similar. Hopefully, I'm in his position tomorrow.

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