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August 11, 2018

Matt Wallace

St. Louis, Missouri

Q. That was quite the shot there. Talk about the ace.
MATT WALLACE: Best shot of my life probably. In front of a few thousand people on one hole, in front of Jordan, my caddie Dave as well -- finally picked a good club for me. No, I flushed it right into my zone. And we can't see where it lands into the shade, but when it landed the crowd started cheering and then it rolled in and they went mental and it kind of reverberated back to the tee and then I just went crazy. So, yeah, special day for me today.

Q. You said you were excited about making your first cut. Then to be out there in that theater and then to pull that off, talk about the theater.
MATT WALLACE: Well just the whole experience of playing with Jordan, I said to him down maybe the first hole or second hole it's like, you know, mate, this is a real privilege for me to be playing with you, because 18 months ago I was on a mini-tour and I worked really hard to where I got to now and it's a privilege to play with him. He's a cool dude and very good fun out there. I played nice, I played nice for eight, nine holes and then dropped back a couple on 10 and then I still said to Dave, my caddie, you know what, I'm really enjoying this. I just made a double bogey, but I'm enjoying it so much. So kept the door open for something to happen like that and it did. And it's going to teach me a lesson to do that for the rest of my life, I think.

Q. The rest of the group was as excited for you.
MATT WALLACE: I think when Jordan heard that it was my first one as professional he just went, really? I've had like five or six or something. No, he was really cool about it. He made a good par there. It was pretty mental out there.

Q. (No Microphone.)
MATT WALLACE: I did. People will be like, oh, that's a stupid move, but I threw it in and then I met the guy after that hole and I signed it for him and he said, are you sure you don't want it back? And I said, you keep that mate. I keep the balls that I win with and they're all on the mantle piece, so that one will just live in my memory for being pretty cool out there.

Q. You looked up almost in relief on the hole-in-one. Have you been waiting for that moment as a professional?
MATT WALLACE: I think so, I mean, this is the third time I've ever played in America, I went to university over here, but as a professional, first time to play, or third time to play over here and trying to make a name for myself maybe over here a little bit. I won a couple times in Europe and to do that, maybe I'll get my name out there a little bit. But you know what, to do it in front of the crowd here, they have been fantastic in St. Louis this week and that was a real special moment.

Q. Talk about tomorrow. Your thoughts.
MATT WALLACE: Same. I've enjoyed it. Like I said yesterday, I've enjoyed it so much that I don't think anything can go wrong -- other than me shooting a hundred, that won't be nice. But I'm not going out there to do that. I'm playing great, putting really nicely, just trying to hit it in the fairway as much as possible and hole some putts. As easy as it sounds I'm just going to go out there, do my normal stuff that I do and hopefully that can result in a good position tomorrow.

Q. You sound very confident. Do you have any goal for this year?
MATT WALLACE: Goal for this year? Not really. I set goals at the start of the year and I kind of wasn't hitting them, so I decided not to do that anymore. Stick to my processes, be ready as much as possible for each event and every shot and go from there.

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