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August 11, 2018

Tiger Woods

St. Louis, Missouri

Q. A lot of momentum yesterday and then rain delay hits. How do you get your self back into that mindset, two bogeys, three birdies?
TIGER WOODS: Well, I came right back out and made birdie from 69 yards. So it was a nice way to start the morning. I missed two putts there at 10 and 12 which I've been making, two little short ones there. From about oh, six, eight feet. And that basically kind of stemmed the momentum a little bit, but I got it back 4-under for the day or for the tournament, hopefully this afternoon go out and shoot a low one, it's going to take that. Guys are making birdie from everywhere, so it's going to be a little different this afternoon.

Q. Up until last week you led the TOUR in third round scoring. So what are you going to have to do this afternoon to continue that?
TIGER WOODS: I just have to make birdies. This golf course is stacked right now and everyone is bunched. And on top of that, if you hit the ball well enough, then you're going to leave yourself in the right sections. And there's not a single putt out here that you're afraid of that it's going to get away from you. The only thing is you have to hit, a couple putts, you got to hit harder than normal, and there might be a few little spike marks. But you can take a lot of the break out and be very aggressive. That's one of the reasons guys are making birdies from everywhere.

Q. You talked about how you've been resting and rehabbing your body. You said at one point three ice baths a day. What do you do between those two rounds to keep yourself fresh?
TIGER WOODS: Go and eat. We got a long afternoon ahead of us. So just going to go eat and rest up a little bit.

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