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August 11, 2018

Rickie Fowler

St. Louis, Missouri

RICKIE FOWLER: You have to hit the ball in the short grass to at least give yourself a chance of having a birdie putt. We've done a pretty good job of that the first two days. Wasn't great this morning. Was able to manage around it and get a few par putts, and looking forward to getting back out there this afternoon.

Q. You mentioned this morning back-to-back missed fairways, you were able to save one par and not able to do so at 15. How is the driver? Are you using any 3 woods?
RICKIE FOWLER: There's a combo. We're hitting a few 3 woods. There's quite a few drivers out there with the golf course being fairly long and soft conditions, but the tough thing this morning too, once you did hit the fairway, you're dealing with wet golf balls and having moisture get in between the ball and the face and make it tough to control the ball like you normally do.

So it was nice to get around with a couple birdies, had one bogey. Hit a good putt, thought I made it, but that's going to happen. So we made a lot of other good ones out there. So excited to get it in and will continue this afternoon.

Q. I was impressed with your bunker game. Had a couple of nice bunker saves early this morning. 4 of 6 out of the sand.
RICKIE FOWLER: Definitely. I hit the one almost too good on 18. Hit some good ones. Took a little time to adjust to them. They were a little firmer, and the ball was kind of coming out a little hot and right. So we worked our way around it, made some good putts to make up for being just a little off. Always nice when you can get around and scramble.

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