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August 10, 2018

Zach Johnson

St. Louis, Missouri

Q. Tell me, Zach, just coming off your first ever Major, what memories do you have?
ZACH J. JOHNSON: The memories are countless. There's so many. Just that walk up 18 was -- my caddie and I just kind of put our arms around each other and soaked it all in. We don't get to do this every day, so it was pretty emotional to walk up 18. Hopefully, we can get back out here.

Q. Tell me -- I mean, as a fan or whatever, had you been to the PGA before?
ZACH J. JOHNSON: I've never been to a PGA Championship, no. I made it to the Masters the first time this year, but haven't made it as a fan to any PGA. So to be here inside the ropes is unbelievable.

Q. So tell me kind of your expectation of what it might be like inside the ropes and what it turned out to be.
ZACH J. JOHNSON: Expectations, it surpassed -- I mean, I have some good friends who have played in years past, and they kind of gave me a heads up as to what it was like, but it's one of those things you can't describe. You can't really prepare for it. The people here in St. Louis were amazing -- the crowds, the gallery, all the volunteers. I'm speechless. It was that good.

Q. Now I know you are the real Zach Johnson. Apparently everyone else doesn't.
ZACH J. JOHNSON: I don't know about that.

Q. They're not going to hear my question, so tell me a little bit of the story of why there's an extra initial on your -- what that initial actually stands for. I don't know what it stands for.
ZACH J. JOHNSON: The J doesn't stand for anything. That's just my middle initial. When my parents had to turn in the birth certificate, they were going to give me a J. It was a middle name that started with J. They didn't know what it was going to be, but after they turned in the birth certificate, it just stuck. They never replaced it. It's Zachary J. Johnson.

The reason I'm going by that this week is because there are two of us here, and he rightfully so, has earned the right to go by Zach Johnson. The PGA called me a couple weeks before and let me know that I would be going by Zach J. Johnson for pairings.

Q. I bet your parents never knew this random thing on your birth certificate would end up like this.
ZACH J. JOHNSON: I'm sure they didn't. I don't think they had any idea it would come into play like this.

Q. Now, Mallory forwarded me a picture of you and the other Zach Johnson. Tell me about running into him a couple times.
ZACH J. JOHNSON: He's been great every time we ran into each other. That was yesterday in the locker room after he shot 66, I shot 76. Yeah, 66, 76. I said tomorrow give me five a side and we'll have a game. He was just so awesome. It's very cool.

Q. So today you had a very nice round today. It's going to be one of the lower rounds for a club pro. Tell me a little bit about golf itself out there.
ZACH J. JOHNSON: Today the edge was off, so I felt a little more comfortable trying to get out of my own way and relax. If I could have started off yesterday that way, I think things would be a little different. For my first experience, I definitely was a little uptight yesterday. Today I found a way to relax and just try and play golf. So very pleased with the result of today's round. So it was fun.

Q. Now, I hear the folks back in the Utah section are really excited that you're playing here. Any texts? Tell me about the support you got from back home.
ZACH J. JOHNSON: The support has been overwhelming. I didn't realize so many people at home cared and were so involved in what I was doing. It has been very humbling, the support and encouragement. I mean, a big shout out to everybody at home. All the love has been great.

Q. Those Utahans stick together.
ZACH J. JOHNSON: The Utahans, exactly. We're pretty tight knit. It's been fun.

Q. I take it it's the first time you've ever played with your middle initial?
ZACH J. JOHNSON: Yes. The first time they've had to distinguish me by my middle initial.

Q. Do you plan on doing that in the future?
ZACH J. JOHNSON: I like the sound of Zach Johnson a little better. Maybe I can keep people on their toes and maybe confuse them a little more. Probably won't go by Zach J anymore.

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