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August 10, 2018

Jason Kokrak

St. Louis, Missouri

Q. Talk about your round today.
JASON KOKRAK: Yeah, I didn't think I had my best stuff out there. I thought I hit it a little bit better yesterday on the back nine. I thought I would continue that today, but a couple miscues, didn't miss greens but just hit it to like 40 or 50 feet, made a lot of nice 2-putts to start my round. Kind of got going a little bit on my second nine. But tidy a few things up, try to get myself a little bit better looks more often when I'm in the fairway.

Q. Tied for 8th, you're going to make the cut going into the weekend. Talk about that.
JASON KOKRAK: Always nice to make the cut in a major, but the goals are set a little bit higher for myself now. So I would like to do a little bit better. I'm in a great position, a few behind the leaders, I know it's a tough golf course and you get out of position quick, you can make bogeys. But if you're in the fairway, as long as I hit it, you can attack this golf course with as soft as the greens are.

Q. Game plan for tomorrow? Anything change?
JASON KOKRAK: I think same game plan. I think there's a few holes to attack, I birdied, I seem to birdie the harder holes on the golf course, but still attack where -- if I'm in the fairway I'm going to be aggressive. If I'm not I'll play a little bit away from the holes. But the greens are soft, we can attack this golf course pretty good. But the scores are showing this golf course can hold up even with soft conditions.

Q. You're in some pretty good company heading into tomorrow. How do you feel about your chances?
JASON KOKRAK: I feel good. My game's trending in the right direction, been working hard on my short game with my coach, Josh. Drew and I have been working on the full swing and it's not far off. But if we can find one swing thought that works for me it's going to be a fun weekend.

Q. Playing in a sports's crazed town that hasn't seen golf in a while. How did the fans take to you?
JASON KOKRAK: Sports's crazed town, no golf tournament, it sounds oddly familiar to Cleveland, where I'm from. No, it's a great atmosphere, there's tons of people out. I know the key parings are, they're getting hounded with droves of people. So it's a lot of fun to play in a town like this. I think it's pressure packed, but there's a lot, I have family out here, I got a few friends that live around here, high school buddies, so I'm enjoying the moment and it's still golf. And I think the entire week everybody's still thinking about Jarrod Lyle, so I think that gives a lot of perspective to a lot of people out here, so I mean golf is golf and I think we're trying to play for something a little bit bigger than us right now.

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