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August 10, 2018

Charl Schwartzel

St. Louis, Missouri

CHARL SCHWARTZEL: Yeah, great. Played a good round Sunday in Akron, and I felt quite well. Just tee to greens, and today I switched putters, went to a little heavier putter, and at least got the ball to the hole and made a few putts.

Q. How is the course playing?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL: I think this morning was very scorable. I drove it decently well for me and gave myself -- my iron play has been really good. So I gave myself just a lot of chances. I felt like I was putting for birdie on pretty much every hole.

Q. You've been a Major champion for a bit of time. How hungry are you to add to the trophy case?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL: It's about time. There's been ups and downs, and I just feel like I'm starting to play a better golf game.

Q. Did you think you had 63 at all going into the round today?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL: Yeah, sure. In the practice rounds, I thought you've got a good chance of shooting a low score. I was hitting a lot of drivers. If you're hitting it down in the fairway with the way the greens are designed, you can get the ball to about 15 feet on almost every hole. If you do that well, and, obviously, in there you're going to make those putts. But you just feel like you can have lots of chances around here.

Q. Did you have any idea you were going for a course record on your round?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL: No, I didn't know about that, but I would have liked to have birdied 17. I think 17 is one of the easier holes, but I birdied 16.

Q. You don't know what's going to happen this afternoon. But right now you're in contention going into a weekend on a Major championship? How does that feel going into Saturday?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL: It's great. I'm looking forward to playing on the weekend and competing in a Major. It doesn't get better than that.

Q. You're sneaking up on the leaders. I'm sure they're looking backwards over their shoulder at you right now.
CHARL SCHWARTZEL: Yeah, it's a good position to be in, and there's a lot of holes to be played. I think this golf course, you're going to have to keep firing. I don't think you can -- most Majors, the weekends get difficult, but I think this course you're going to have to keep shooting birdies.

Q. Brandon Stone said he looked up to you when he was young, great legacy of South African golf. Because of his age, that's when you were winning your championships. Can you talk about Brandon, how much you know about him, and should anybody be surprised to see him right up there at the top of the leaderboard?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL: No, not at all. He's a great player. He can get very hot with the putter, and he's got a very good attitude, just in general. A lot of times, when you've been out there for a long period of time, you tend to get a little -- I don't want to say miserable, but upset with yourself over silly thing, and he's got a great attitude about everything.

Q. What putter did you hit yesterday and today?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL: The one I used yesterday was the one I used Sunday at Bridgestone, the one I've been using for about a year and a half. The one I used today is the one I got at the British Open when the greens were slow there. It's just got a lot more weight to it, and it's just easier to get the ball to the hole.

Q. Can you comment on the crowds, the gallery and the crowds and everything?

Q. Can you comment on the crowds that are showing up?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL: It's phenomenal. I don't think I've seen so many people at a golf tournament. It has to be the most I've ever seen come to an event.

Q. What was the most memorable shot you've played today?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL: I think the 5 iron on 16. It's such a long length, 225, I think it was, and hit a 5 iron there, and I think it nearly went in the hole.

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