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August 10, 2018

Adam Scott

St. Louis, Missouri

Q. You must be pumped to be back in contention.
ADAM SCOTT: Well, yeah, I felt like I was at The Open teeing off Sunday. It's definitely moving in the right direction, and 65 at a Major is always a good score. I kind of said last night I felt like there was a 65 in the way I was playing, and just have to do it.

I made a couple of extra putts for par today to keep the momentum going, and that's probably the difference between most of my golf generally over the last 12 months.

Q. Should have said 63.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I feel like I've got a 63 in me tomorrow (laughter). I probably need it.

Q. How were the greens this morning?
ADAM SCOTT: They're a little smoother first out, but surprisingly they weren't that much quicker. I think there's just so much moisture in the air and also still in the ground. They're just struggling to dry out on the surface and keep the speed up, but that's probably a good thing because there's a bit of a slope, and if they were really quick, they could quite easily get away from you. So there's a fair bit of margin for error when you're playing into the green, and you can be aggressive if they're soft. And even if you miss the green short side, you have a chance because they're soft and a little slower.

Q. You had some really momentous putts today, one on 9 and one on 18. Are you really starting to get confident with that, and now the ball striking is returning as well?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, the putting felt good. It felt good at The Open. I putted well there. I didn't particularly hit it great, but I manage my way around with the putter. Last week I felt like I putted good, but the scores just didn't show it because I didn't hit it good. Everything's kind of felt good here for the last two days. I'm trying to not think about it too much and keep the good vibes going, and hopefully there are a couple more low ones on the weekend.

Q. When you talk about building towards days like this (inaudible). What does that, I guess, kind of mean when someone says you have to close? Just an example of it?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah. I mean, I feel like I've been doing all the right stuff, and I just haven't been doing it on the golf course. There's no excuse. It's one or two extra putts from 10 feet for par or birdie. This just changes the momentum of your round so much when that one goes in or not -- you know, yesterday I three-putted the 12th, and I was 1 under at the time. It just changes the way you work the next few holes, I feel all the time.

And I feel like I keep -- whether it's a poor shot through technique or a poor shot through lack of discipline or mental, a mental block, I've been doing it a lot, and today I didn't. I just tried to hang in there as long as I could. Unfortunately, I bogeyed the last, but sometimes when you have bad shots, you're going to make bogey.

Q. Do you feel that you have momentum at your back going into the weekend, and how good does it feel to be in a Major so close to the lead?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, I didn't -- hopefully haven't lost any shots to the lead from today. The scores are good this morning. I was out there. I mean, I thought where they put the pins, if you played well, there was a good score, and if you didn't, it could be tricky because they were very close to the edges, and if you're a little bit off, you might have been scrambling a bit. That's kind of what Bubba did today. So maybe there's a bit of separation. But scoring looks good, so I have to have a good score to be in with a chance.

Q. Was 5 an example where you were pretty steamed, missing a good chance there, but obviously you recovered?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I would have liked to make that one on 5. I hit a lot of putts at that length, but then I hit a good shot into 6 and made that one, and that's the difference. I was hovering at 4 under for the day for a long time, and the difference at that point of making a bogey to a birdie is just so big for the rest of the round, and that momentum carried right away through today. So I was very pleased with myself early on my back nine to not drop shots.

Q. Adam, you've had some good results in the PGA Championship. But in the bigger picture, has the PGA Championship been kind to you?
ADAM SCOTT: I don't really feel from memory that I was ever really in contention on a Sunday at the PGA although I've had some good results. So it's not been unkind to me, having not won it. I'd like it to be kind to me this weekend.

Q. The PGA doesn't come to St. Louis very often. What's been your experience with the crowd and St. Louis?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, 7:30 this morning it was a packed house on the 10th tee. I knew they were there to watch the No. 1 player in the world mostly, but it's really nice to see everyone really embracing the tournament. An enthusiastic crowd. There have been a lot of roars out there. It's a fun atmosphere for us to play in.

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