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August 9, 2018

Eugenie Bouchard

Montreal, Quebec, Canada


6-0, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. What is the best thing about playing with Sloane Stephens? What do you like most about it?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: Well, we get along well. She's really silly, a very light-hearted, fun person. We get along great. We've known each other, like, half our lives at this point. We're just very comfortable with each other.

She hits some big forehands, and I love that. Makes my life easier.

Q. How important is it to play doubles after an early exit in a tournament like this?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: I don't play doubles all the time. It's great I can still play here, still play some matches in Montreal, continue to work on the game. That's mostly why I play doubles anyway.

We won some matches, so focus on another one tomorrow. Try our best, see what happens.

Q. Is it particularly important to do the doubles here in Montreal because of the crowd?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: I wouldn't say it's more important here than any other week. It just so happens literally a day before the sign-in deadline, we decided to play together.

I try to play where I can, where it makes sense. Yeah, it's fun because it's a big tournament. Making extra prize money (smiling).

Q. What would it mean to come away with a trophy here in doubles?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: I'm not even going to entertain that question. One match tomorrow.

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. Can you describe what you feel when you play with Sloane Stephens. You seem to enjoy it a lot.
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: Yes, we have a lot of fun, maybe too much sometimes. What we want to do is play good tennis. Both of us are rather singles players, so we take this as practice.

Q. You say you're using doubles for practice, but you're doing well. You might even have a chance to go to the end.
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: Of course, I don't think that. We still have a match to play tomorrow. As usual, match by match.

Q. You were playing on Court No. 5. There was another match on National Bank. I didn't get to see your match because there were so many people, no seats left. You saw the crowd was coming to watch your match, even if it was a doubles match.
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: With Sloane, we always joke about the fact that they have us play on smaller courts. They don't know what we bring to the doubles. I remember last year also playing on a small court, and people couldn't come and watch because the court was too small.

We are joking about it. It's like coming to press after playing doubles. This isn't something I usually do either.

Q. As you said, you're mainly a singles player. What are you going to do after this Montreal tournament?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: I don't know. I made many decisions in the last minute. I'm going to keep doing that. We'll see what I'll be doing after the doubles.

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