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August 9, 2018

Caroline Garcia

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

C. GARCIA/M. Sharapova

6-3, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English, please.

Q. Do you think anything might have happened in Stuttgart to help you unlock something against Maria?
CAROLINE GARCIA: I think it make a difference because for me it was special to play against Maria. I always had in my mind the match in French Open in 2011. It was special to finally beat her after a good fight.

You know, to beat Maria Sharapova, doesn't matter which ranking she has, it's always special because she have a lot of experience, she's a great fighter on court. Until it's not done, you know it's not done.

It was for me important to come back in Stuttgart in three sets. Today I was I think more ready to fight and to play better.

Q. The weather has played a big role in this tournament. When there are delays, when you have to play twice in one day, how does your routine get affected? Do you sleep at different times, have different habits?
CAROLINE GARCIA: Luckily I haven't been affected too much this time. For sure we know in this tournament, Montreal, Cincinnati and US Open, things like this can happen.

To play two matches in one day, it's very rare. We are working out, outside, to be ready to face that. You don't know how your body is going to adapt. Matches are always demanding more than practice.

Yeah, the goal is to be ready to play two matches in one day. You have to eat at the good moment, try to rest a little bit, take a nap when you have time. It depends also a lot of everyone, every routine.

I mean, Halep is doing pretty well for now (smiling).

Q. It seemed like she was starting to raise her level at the beginning of the second set. Did you feel that?
CAROLINE GARCIA: I was expecting her to try to come back stronger at the beginning of the second set. Of course, my first service game, I think, it was a little bit tight, but I arrived to play solid. It was very important for me to stay in contact at the beginning of second set and always try to put pression [sic] on her, show her she will have to play better and better.

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French, please.

Q. You didn't start well, but once you got the ball rolling, you played extremely well.
CAROLINE GARCIA: Yes, I lost my serve first game. I didn't believe I had a bad start, but she put me under pressure. I didn't do anything wrong. I stayed positive. I kept putting my game into place. I was returning better and better. I was able to convert my opportunities on her serve.

As the match went on, I was becoming more aggressive. I didn't give away any points to her, which made a difference.

Q. Maria Sharapova was always the favorite of the crowd here. Did you expect such support from the Canadian crowd screaming, Caro, Caro?
CAROLINE GARCIA: Yes, I was surprised how the crowd and Montreal welcomed me. When you play in your own country, you are supported. Of course, this is normal. When you go into a foreign country, you are not supported, which is normal, too.

Maria Sharapova is famous all around the world. But I realized when they said my name, that I was being supported. I think for women's tennis, it's a very good crowd, and they were really enthusiastic. I really am happy that I played well here. I hope I will be able to do the same tomorrow.

Q. Tomorrow you'll be playing a player who played twice today. Does this change something for your preparations?
CAROLINE GARCIA: No, I will get ready for my match in the same way as usual. Apparently Halep is in a good position. Everybody knows how she's fit physically. I am not counting on any weakness physically on her part. I will need to be ready for that match.

Q. It can be Venus. But if it is Halep, you know her well. What are you going to do in your own game to beat the No. 1 player?
CAROLINE GARCIA: She has very few weaknesses. She's solid on all shots. I will have to be aggressive with my power and use my assets. Generally she's able to prevent me from playing my game.

It's happens against those kind of players that help me improve my game. So I'm very excited to be in the quarterfinals and to play a match against Simona.

Q. Against Sharapova, did something happen? The match went easier for you than in the past. Did you change your tactics?
CAROLINE GARCIA: No. Tactically I was following the same principles. In Stuttgart last time it was indoors. It was the first match on clay. It was fast clay. It was difficult to defend.

Today I believe she didn't serve as well as she does usually. This helped me. I was trying to put pressure on her all the time. Sometimes she was trying for the lines too much and the ball went out.

When I was myself under pressure, I was able to remain solid and I was making her play to win some points here and there. Of course, the score is 6-3, 6-2, but the match was tight.

Q. You played Simona Halep in the quarterfinals in Toronto. Do you want revenge over Halep?
CAROLINE GARCIA: After Toronto, we played each other again. She won. I won. I mean, we often play each other. If it's a revenge each time, it's going to be complicated.

I will just focus on tomorrow's match and try to draw the lessons from the past. There's no particular revenge.

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