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August 9, 2018

Ben Kern

St. Louis, Missouri

Q. Just a little feel for what you accomplished out there. 1-over on a day when it was difficult for scoring in some areas but just your overall feeling about your day.
BEN KERN: It was great. Obviously enjoy being here. Striking the ball well. I hit a lot of fairways, a lot of greens, I gave myself a ton of chances for birdie, which is my goal around this place. I mean, you got to give yourself chances for birdie. To do that you have to hit the fairway, from there hit the green and so on.

Q. Playing in Texas I'm sure this is not that big a deal for heat for you.
BEN KERN: Not too much. This a little bit more humidity than I'm used to, so, but I think -- it doesn't matter, I'm sweating, it's hot.

Q. The momentum you got from the Texas State Open. How important was that to you?
BEN KERN: That was huge. That golf course we played out there in Tyler, Texas, at the Cascades, was, it was a challenge. You had to hit fairways there, Bermuda all the way across the board. Thick Bermuda rough. So if you get in the rough you're hacking out, such as you are here. So the mindset going on on that place is the same that I'm bringing here and it was the perfect warm-up for me.

Q. Great start, everybody wants to play well tomorrow as you know and I just wanted to ask you about your last hole, you had a nice up-and-down.
BEN KERN: Oh, yes.

Q. Describe it for me.
BEN KERN: Yes, I hit 4-wood off the tee, it was a poor shot, I got loose, hit it left. Hit the cart path and went way up there into the trees left. Couple options. One was to chip it out 30 yards in the fairway give myself 60, 70 yards. The other one was to be aggressive and try to kind of hit a 20-yard hook and I did and which got me in the bunker, which I was trying to do, which is green side. And I hit a great bunker shot to about five, six feet behind the hole and drained the putt, it was a great way for me to end the day, make birdie.

Q. Just a normal 4, right?
BEN KERN: Yeah, yeah. Easy 4.

Q. This is your first PGA, right?
BEN KERN: Yes, it is.

Q. Started off well. Congratulations.
BEN KERN: Yes. Thank you.

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