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August 9, 2018

Kevin Kisner

St. Louis, Missouri

Q. 3 under. The course is supposed to be playing relatively easy. Was it that gettable? How did you feel about it today?
KEVIN KISNER: The fairways are generous, but the rough's brutal. So you've got to hit it in the fairway, and the greens are tough because they're slow and it's not what we're accustomed to. So I had a hard time getting the ball to the hole.

Q. Would you say it benefits you that you draw the golf ball?
KEVIN KISNER: Absolutely. All the holes look good to me, so it must mean they go right to left. Do you hit a draw?

Q. I hit more of a hook. Who's interviewing who here? Kis, a lot of chatter about the greens. Putting, you self-proclaim, best part of your game. What's your thoughts on the greens if you're such an expert on the greens?
KEVIN KISNER: It wasn't the best part of my game today. I have a hard time when I have to try to get the ball to the hole, and that's what I felt like I was telling myself on every putt, and then I start missing the lines, hitting it too hard. It's just something I have to deal with personally.

Q. Serious question. How do you adjust to that? Tiger says he adds some like tape. How do you change your speed?
KEVIN KISNER: I'm a heavy ass putter already. I've got to just hit a lot of practice putts and try to hit it above the hole, which is unusual.

Q. Is the caddie's name Huey or Dewey? I messed it up on Twitter last night.
KEVIN KISNER: Dewey. Dewey's calves.

Q. Does Dewey have the best calves on the PGA TOUR?
KEVIN KISNER: 100 percent.

Q. I just want to know how you feel being 3 under for the day?
KEVIN KISNER: I played solid, hit the ball great. I only missed one fairway. Gave myself a ton of looks from 15, 20 feet, just didn't make hardly any of them. Have one really solid putting day, and I'll shoot a low one if I hit it like that.

Q. Is it the greens?
KEVIN KISNER: They're just bumpy and slow. It's a hard combo to get used to, but I saw Gary make plenty of putts. So I don't think it's an issue. If you get it to the hole and hit it online, they should go in.

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