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August 9, 2018

Jiwon Jeon

Kingston Springs, Tennessee

Q. Sierra took the lead pretty early on, but you had a comeback and held it the rest of the match. Can you just talk about it a little bit?
JIWON JEON: Oh, well, in the beginning I was struggling a little bit with my tee shot but I wasn't thinking about the scores at all.

I just played my game throughout the game, and I had good chance to make some birdies there, and then it kind of led me to win the match.

And then coming into this week - you had a great year at college - has that helped your confidence at all this summer?

JIWON JEON: Oh, definitely. It helped a lot. Well, I played for Daytona State College for two years and won eight tournaments there, and it's definitely raised my confidence throughout the year.

And then coming into the tournament, I was pretty confident with the tournament, too.

Q. Then on a long day like this, 36 holes, what's key to kind of staying in the right mindset?
JIWON JEON: Oh, well, just stay at the moment. Just not thinking about the whole thing. Just step by step, hole by hole. That kind of kept me in the right comfort zone.

Q. You played the Palmer Cup a few weeks ago.

Q. How has that match play experience translated into this week?
JIWON JEON: Well, I didn't have enough match play experience before the Arnold Palmer Cup, but at the Arnold Palmer Cup played against great players, and I figure out how to play the match play: not playing the player, play my game. That's what I learned from the Arnold Palmer Cup.

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