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August 9, 2018

Matt Dobyns

St. Louis, Missouri

Q. (No Microphone.)
MATT DOBYNS: I hit it left and just got a bad break, had a really bad lie and couldn't get it out and actually had to hit it backward and then I had the worst of the three lies on the next shot. And it was like half plugged in the bunker. So it added up quick and I felt like today I could have been under par or better.

Q. How did you feel about coming up with a couple of birdies toward the end?
MATT DOBYNS: Well it was nice. I wanted to get one more on 18 and I ended up making a mess of that hole too. Off the tee the driver didn't cooperate enough, I lost too many shots to the field off the tee today. I was putting it and hitting my irons good enough to -- if I just could have gotten into a spot where I could have got it up on the green I felt like I could get it up-and-down.

Q. What's going through your mind when you're 3-under after 3? Are you like looking --
MATT DOBYNS: Not much, I'm just thinking this is how it's supposed to go. This is how I'm supposed to be. And I know that that streak's not just going to keep going, but I played enough to know that -- but I've been coming out of the gate really strong all year long. I hit a lot of good shots and good putts and, look, you start dreaming, you see your name up there, I'm two back of the lead, you never know. Feeling fine. What the hell? I could shoot 5-under. But it wasn't in the cards for me today.

Q. How do you keep your nerves at bay? Because you figure like the first couple of holes the nerves could --
MATT DOBYNS: I'm trying to figure this out myself. I think it really gets me a little more focused when I'm a little nervous. I think I might get in trouble when I get a little sloppy or a little soft and I don't commit to shots. If I'm a little soft I miss shots or I hit shots a little off line.

Q. How do you come into tomorrow?
MATT DOBYNS: Not sure yet. I probably go just hit a few tee shots right now and it's a quick turn around, so go right back on the side I just butchered. So, and in all fairness I've been having a hard time with that side all week. I've been having a hard time with sight lines. I played the front nine in under par in practice rounds and today. The back nine I played way over, I just can't seem to get comfortable there. So I'll go try and re-create some shots and not for too much longer and then go home and dream about 64.

Q. Is there any message to the guy out there the regular guy out there who all of a sudden finds he's playing better than he thought he could, that is seems like a lots of people in regular golf kind of always find their level?
MATT DOBYNS: We always come back to the mean. And where that mean is, you don't know how long that wave's going to last. The key is to not go crashing off the wave and end up in the barrier reef, the key is to when you fall down to make a bogey and then regroup and try and put a tourniquet on it and make a par. And then try and get back that same momentum that you started with. And I wasn't able to do that.

Q. Your putt on 4 even was tracking pretty good.
MATT DOBYNS: Yeah, no, I mean I felt like -- I know, I thought I was going to birdie them all at that point. But it was sad because I've gone the other end of the spectrum here, I've gotten off to bad starts here in this thing so many times and grinded like crazy to get back to a respectable score. And here I get off to a great start and then just spit the bit all the way home.

Q. What do you think it will take for you tomorrow if you had to guess?
MATT DOBYNS: I would have to shoot 6-under, I imagine. Even par will be it, 1-over, something like that.

Q. You won't have much time to dream about this 64 because you got to get up early?
MATT DOBYNS: That's what I mean, I'm not going to do much right now.

Q. Also smoother greens tomorrow too?
MATT DOBYNS: Hopefully. Yeah. Although I putt better on worse greens. But I think that -- I don't know, I don't feel bad about my putting, I feel like my irons are going the right direction. I got a little unlucky with one of the triples and the other I didn't put a tourniquet on it enough and I bit off more than I could chew and I paid the price. And I turned a 72 or 71 into a 76.

Q. On the broken club you think it was the first shot?
MATT DOBYNS: The first shot broke it and then I didn't, I didn't test it, I didn't look at it, because it was the same shot. And I hit it again from a different, two yards away, and it just came flying off and the ball went nowhere.

Q. So that's your second shot, obviously. You hit the tee shot, where did it go, the tee shot?
MATT DOBYNS: The tee shot went right. Just right of the rough, into the gallery. It wasn't a good shot, but it wasn't like off the world. It was a place where you should be able to advance it up to the front part of the green for sure or chip it up there and maybe make a par.

Q. Just came into a tree root?
MATT DOBYNS: I hit a tree root I didn't see and the ball popped up off the root, it deflected straight up off the root and rattled around in the tree.

Q. And then you hit another 4-iron?
MATT DOBYNS: And then I hit another 4-iron and that's when it happened.

Q. Did you have another one with you?
MATT DOBYNS: I have a four hybrid. But my wife went and got that, you know, which actually came in handy later in the round. I hit it twice. I hit good shots with it too.

Q. Was she on the hole?
MATT DOBYNS: No, I wasn't like, no, come here. No, I asked the official and he said, yeah, sure, and he went and got her.

Q. What's her name?

Q. Did you go to a truck the Titleist truck?
MATT DOBYNS: They're gone.

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