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August 9, 2018

Kristen Gillman

Kingston Springs, Tennessee

Q. So you took the lead on the 1st hole. Just some first thoughts on the match.
KRISTEN GILLMAN: Yeah, I think today our match was -- it was are really match. I had seven birdies and one bogey. I was going after all the pins.

I think in match play if you make a lot birdies, then I think you're in a pretty good position. It was nice to be able to go make some putts today.

Q. How important is it to finish this match off early on a two-match day like this?
KRISTEN GILLMAN: Yeah, earlier when I looked I saw there was weather coming again I think later. After this first rain delay, I just really wanted to go out there and just finish it off so I didn't have to stay out here in the heat and go through another rain delay.

Q. What do you think the biggest difference is this year between the last couple years where you haven't been able to kind of get this far?
KRISTEN GILLMAN: I think it's just -- to be able to win something like this you have to be on your game every single day. I don't think you can really have an off day, and I think that's just how golf is.

I made it to at least the round of 32 every single year I've played, and so I'm pretty proud of that. But I think you just have to keep staying on your game.

Q. This is going to a common question. Lucy already told us before you even won she was looking forward to the possibility of playing you. You guys were teammates in the Curtis Cup, and now you get to play her. What are your thoughts about going up against her?
KRISTEN GILLMAN: Yeah, I'm really excited to play Lucy. She's a sweet girl. I think it will be a fun match. She's a great player, so I think, again, you have to be make a lot of birdies out there be able to survive. I'm excited to see how it turns out.

Q. Sense of relief getting back to the quarterfinals? I think it's the first time you've gotten back here since winning in 2014. Double round day is really hard to get through, and now you've gotten through it and it's just one match you have to worry about tomorrow and potentially the next day.
KRISTEN GILLMAN: Yeah. It's nice to be able to get through to the quarterfinals, because, I mean, whenever you play in this tournament you're just trying to win. You just keep trying to advance.

It's going to be nice to have a little break before our round tomorrow.

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