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August 9, 2018

Justin Thomas

St. Louis, Missouri

Q. Describe what that atmosphere was like for you.
JUSTIN THOMAS: It was pretty wild out there for a Thursday. There was a lot of people. Very respectful. It was a fun day. It was very, very benign conditions there for the first 14, 15 holes. We got a little breeze like this, 10 miles an hour. So the last bit. But, yeah, it was a fun one out there.

Q. It looked like you were having a good time.
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah. Same as all the other rounds I played with him. It's enjoyable. I'm worried about what I'm doing, and he's worried about what he's doing, and Rory is worried about what he's doing.

I've been fortunate enough to where I've played with him enough now that I don't -- I don't want to say get wrapped up in it, but the first couple times I maybe played a little bit more attention to what he's doing, but now this is a PGA Championship, and I'm trying to play the best that I can. So I'm focus on what I'm doing.

Q. How do you feel you did out there today?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I played well. Obviously, I'm not very pleased with my back nine. I've never had my ball end up in somebody else's pitch mark in a bunker before. That was a pretty terrible break on my last hole. Could have cost me one or two strokes. It's just unfortunate for someone not to rake it, but it is what it is.

I played well on the front nine. Had some good holes on the back nine too. Had a couple of putts that didn't quite go in. Had a nasty lip on the 16th hole. Definitely a lot more positives to take the negatives, and I'm in a good position for Thursday.

Q. Do you feel like somebody could go really low, like 6, 7 under out here today?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I mean, it's definitely doable. I easily could have today. I could have shot 7 or 8 under pretty easily. No, it's just -- it's just like any other golf course. I said that at my press conference. It's soft enough to where there's going to be some low numbers, but if you're not driving it well, the rough is very difficult and long to where it's hard to make birdies and save par sometimes.

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