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August 9, 2018

Ollie Schniederjans

St. Louis, Missouri

OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS: It was a really good day, good start. I made one kind of bad swing on 5 and it was a good bogey save. I think that kind of kept my round going on the front nine and putted really well, made some good par putts. Took advantage of some good tee shots. Just played smart and clean, a couple times in the rough tried to not get too cute and just make par and I think that kind of kept my round going and some good par putts, too.

Q. What does it mean to see yourself up on the leaderboard, just two off of Rickie's lead. Pretty good position to be in.
OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS: Yeah, it's just 18 holes in, we got 54 holes left, so good to get off to a good start and be in the mix early, but you got to play four good rounds in a Major to have a chance at the end, so just got to keep doing what I'm doing and I think four of those would be pretty good, one shot at a time tomorrow and still a lot of golf left.

Q. What did you do really well today and if anything did you struggle in any part of your game?
OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS: I definitely putted, I was really clean with the putter. Made a lot of 5, 6-footers for par. Three or four of those, to keep my round going. I made like a 5-footer for bogey on 5. So that's huge. Huge in Majors and big, tough courses, to keep your round going, make those testers. I drove it, hit a lot of really good drives, par far and in the fairway. Missed out on a couple opportunities with wedges of after good drives. But overall pretty clean round.

Q. How did you play 10 today, it's been kicking butts.
OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS: Yeah, that's a hard hole, you have to just step up and hit an awesome tee shot, you don't really have a choice. I think it helps if you can hit it further because you can kind of take the left hazard out of play and just smoke one, kind of cut it off the bunker. That's what I did today. So I had just a little 8-iron in. The tee shot's really everything. If you miss the fairway, it's pretty dicey hole from there.

Q. There's only been one birdie through half the field so far.
OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS: Wow, yeah. Just got to hit a good tee shot and then I guess from there it's not an easy hole still.

Q. Was the pin in a tougher position than normal?
OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS: With my shot it came up shorter than I thought it would, I don't know if there's something going on with the wind swirling around on that second shot, because I thought I was probably like five feet short and it came up about 30 feet short, so I don't know if maybe that had something to do with people not making birdies, a little bit of swirling wind up there. But, yeah, it's a tough hole.

Q. A lot of players are saying they think there's some low scores to be had out there this afternoon. Would you agree with that?
OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS: Yeah, there's just, there's only two par-5s, one of them is actually a really hard hole today, 17, into the wind, it's not even close to a two shot hole. The other one is for a long hitter you're hitting everything you got to get there in two. So if you think about it like that, there's just like no gimmie birdie holes. I think it's not too difficult if you're hitting it well to go around and not make bogeys, but it's hard to make birdies, there's really not a lot of easy birdie holes and then there's three or four hard holes each nine that can really, 16 is 240 into the wind today. 4, 5, 6 are hard holes for sure in the middle of the front nine. There's some long holes. It's a good balanced course. You feel like can you go low but there's just really not a lot of easy holes.

Q. Was there a shot you were most proud of today?
OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS: Just the par putts. I made like a 5-footer for par on 17, that was big, I really liked making that one, I didn't want to give one up on that hole and I just felt like I played smart. Got it on the middle of the green and I wanted to get that 2-putt and get out of there safely. So I made like a 5-footer for par there. That was probably the most excited I was all day.

Q. (No Microphone.)
OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS: Yeah, they're definitely slower than what we're used to playing, but with the heat here and the bent grass I think it's hard to get them too shaved down too tight. They can lose them. So I think it's playing great. I mean the course is hard enough how it is tee to green being long and with thick rough, I think it's a good enough challenge without having to get fancy with the greens or the pins and you can tell by the scores this morning I mean only 5-under and I think I'm in third place at 3-under, that's not necessarily playing that easy.

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