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August 9, 2018

Jason Day

St. Louis, Missouri

JASON DAY: It was good. I think I hit 12 fairways and 17 greens. It was nice. I definitely gave myself a fair share of birdie opportunities out there but didn't quite capitalize on the front side. Being able to come back with birdies on 7 and 8 after I bogeyed on 6, even though I hit -- I hit a great shot into the par 3, just straight over the green. Hit a 5 iron from 221. I wasn't thinking that was going to go that far. But, fortunately, I'd much rather be in the back bunker than in the water. Overall, I'm very happy with how things progressed out there.

Q. Get an early morning tee time and get a round like that under your belt, how important is that?
JASON DAY: It's important, especially starting on 10. That's an eye opener starting on 10 in the early morning. It's a big, strong hole to start on. Hit a nice drive down there and ended up hitting a good 6 iron in the end, just left my putt short.

As you guys can feel it, the wind is starting to pick up, which would make it a little tougher in the afternoon. I don't know if there's a cell coming in. It started looking a little dark out there with the clouds. It's always nice to be able to get a round in like this, start your week knowing that you're in the right direction.

Q. Right on the heels of a big tournament and then come over here and then the weather put a lot of stress on practice time. How much practice time do you get? How much prep do you get to get ready for this?
JASON DAY: I was a little bit under the weather coming in. I missed the Champions Dinner because of it, because my wife came home from The Open Championship with a cold and passed it on to me because she's such a giving person, which is great. So I had a little bit of a cold. It was a man cold, to be honest. Yeah, I did some chipping and putting on Tuesday.

My plan was to go out and play 18 holes on Tuesday and just take Wednesday off, but I couldn't do that, obviously, because of the rain. So I chipped and putted a little bit on Tuesday and then played 18 holes and pretty much have just been resting up the whole time.

Q. (Inaudible) said yesterday he didn't swing any golf clubs out there, other than just to get some practice swings. But you could almost play this course blind. Do you agree with that?
JASON DAY: Yeah, 100 percent. It's straight up in front of you. There's nothing really tricky about this golf course. It just can be brutally long. How do I explain it? There can be two different people can walk off in the same group thinking it's the hardest golf course in the world only because you may be on the wrong side of hitting it in the rough here or there because the rough is pretty thick, and a guy that's flushed it all day long thinking it's a really relatively easy golf course.

If you can ball strike your way around this golf course, you'll walk off thinking it's pretty simple. If you struggle a little bit off the tee, then it obviously makes it harder.

Q. Jason, how much did the news sort of devastate you last night about Jarrod passing?
JASON DAY: I received a text about Jarrod, and I just was -- it's hard because you sit there and you know him and he's a buddy of yours, and he's not there anymore. He's never going to come back. That's the hardest thing to sort of come by. Now I'm tearing up.

Q. Sorry.
JASON DAY: No. I mean, I lived across the street from him when we first started out in Orlando. He's a good buddy of mine. It's obviously heart breaking to see. I've known Jarrod for a long time, and obviously my thoughts and prayers go out to Bri and the two kids. It's just -- they're going through some stuff right now. It's -- yeah, I don't know what else to say. It's obviously -- it's hard to hear that information when it comes through any time.

Q. Jason, what did you take from his battle?
JASON DAY: He battled half his life. And the crazy thing is he was always upbeat and positive. No matter what you did, you could be playing terrible, and if you're playing golf with him, you always walked off the golf course happy. For him to first get diagnosed with it when he was 17 years old and then battled three times, it just goes to show how much of a fighter he was inside to be able to keep pushing on even though it is painful to go through the stuff that he went through.

I mean, I would not know one-tenth of what he went through and what his family went through, but he was a really good buddy of mine, a good friend of mine. He impacted a lot of people just because of it. I mean, there's a lot of people out there that are sick and have probably the same thing going on. So for people to hear his story and know that he fought on for a long time and lived a good life and had two kids and had a good loving wife, that's a lot of positive to come out of a story like that.

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